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Amazon’s review ban – the importance of a legitimate feedback strategy

Amazon has demonstrated how seriously it takes its review system – by cracking down on incentivized reviews on the marketplace.

It’s not the first time Amazon has taken measures to crack down on the gaming of its review system.

It went after websites offering fake reviews for cash in 2015, before turning its attention to the sellers who were buying those fake reviews some months later. Now, the marketplace has updated its Community Guidelines again – no more freebies for reviews.

Amazon’s efforts in the past year have been to make its review system as legitimate and as unbiased as possible. For the honest online sellers who are in the majority, these are encouraging signs.

But the greater question remains – why do online sellers resort to fake or incentivized reviews? The answer is simple – getting reviews from customers is hard. In fact, less than one in ten online buyers leave reviews.

The real problem is that sellers aren’t aware of alternative, highly effective, legitimate ways of increasing positive feedback – and reducing negative feedback – on Amazon.

Getting unbiased feedback on Amazon

Now that Amazon has taken great steps to level the playing field for reviews, getting unbiased reviews from your customers is more important than ever.

Sellers who found themselves dabbling in the dark arts were looking for ways to take illegitimate shortcuts. But the reality is that there are better solutions to the problem of getting more feedback.

If you’re having trouble getting your customers to leave their opinion, you have to start at the first step – develop a targeted feedback strategy.

Automated feedback strategy

A successful feedback strategy is not based on magic – it’s steeped in Amazon data. This is why a strategy can guarantee you more positive feedback, reduce negative feedback and ultimately help you grow your business.

A feedback strategy – complete with specific customer targeting, product exclusions and request templates to suit each scenario – is not useful without having the feedback solicitation tool to leverage and automate the strategy.

That’s why we built xSellco High5. Through our feedback solicitation software, you can create and manage an effective feedback strategy to increase positive customer reviews – within Amazon’s rules.

xSellco High5 allows you to automate your feedback requests on Amazon, eBay and Trustpilot. Focus on growing your business and allow xSellco High5 to develop and scale your feedback strategy for you.

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