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"Our team loves XSellco Help Desk because it saves us so much time. We don't have to go searching for order or delivery information anymore. It's all right in front of you and it allows us to be much more productive. We've reduced our average customer response times by 84 percent."

Natalie Goddard, eCommerce Coordinator

"Since we've begun using Fusion, we've experienced an increase in customer retention, faster resolution times and an uplift in sales generated through our marketplaces."

MicksGarage, European eCommerce Site of the Year 2015
Measupro Inc. XSellco Testimonial

Talk about a huge time saver. We were going to hire a second employee for customer support. We discovered, it was not the lack of man-power, but rather the lack of organization. With XSellco, you tunnel all the marketplaces into one dashboard. It also keeps track of all order information and history. I highly recommend this to anyone that is selling on multiple marketplaces!

Deniz Otarsi, Measupro Inc.
North Laine Accessories XSellco Testimonial

Having a customer service rep being able to receive and answer all messages in one place is wonderful. We find that XSellco Fusion is a time-saving platform that allows us to make sure that we're not all answering the same query at once. We've seen feedback go up. We've been hitting 100% positive feedback since we've started using Fusion, which was previously unheard of.

Gareth Halford, North Laine Accessories
Net Solutions XSellco Testimonial

I had been struggling for years and tried many solutions including Cloud Conversion and Salesforce. Then I found XSellco Fusion which is just amazing and superb. The system centralizes multiple marketplaces into one dashboard, where you can see all orders and tickets, label them, and escalate the cases. With High5, you can handle all your feedback within the dashboard. It's just one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

Sunny Ali, Net Solutions
Lighting Supply Group XSellco Testimonial

When I open up Fusion I have everything I need. I can see when the order was placed, and the timeline from there. I can see all the details of the order, I can see the item, I have all the information where I need it – in one place. Any additional information is just a few clicks away. By contrast, doing it on Gmail or Amazon takes a lot of clicks. I didn’t have any of the information I needed.

Martin Walker, Lighting Supply Group
Shark Motorcycle Audio XSellco Testimonial

If you find yourself endlessly logging in and out of eBay and Amazon accounts all day - answering messages, responding to resolution cases, dealing with the best offers - this program will save you hours a day while providing much better customer support. This application will give you control over your company. This is a no brainer.

Ed Rosenberg, Shark Motorcycle Audio
Urban XSellco Testimonial

We have loved using XSellco’s Fusion. It has significantly improved the efficiency of the online team thanks to the auto responses and the mobile app. I was very impressed when a suggestion was implemented the same day, that’s customer support at its best!

Gareth Walker, Urban
David Stanley Auto Group XSellco Testimonial

This is the best tool ever! We absolutely love this. It has really helped with our customer service response times as well as helping to keep things from falling through the cracks.

Mark Schwartz, David Stanley Auto Group
Toy Jumble XSellco Testimonial

XSellco Fusion means keeping on top of customer queries is extremely easy with tablet and mobile apps. The system improves our efficiency by allowing us to reply at weekends. We can quickly see the urgent issues that require a response, and we can reply to many tickets with one-click Templates.

Toy Jumble
Fred Cutler XSellco Testimonial

XSellco is a superb tool for any serious multi-channel seller which saves time and improves customer satisfaction.

Robin Cutler, Fred Cutler
Wholesale Solutions Ltd. XSellco Testimonial

Support staff are great - they listen to feature suggestions and make them happen really quickly.

Karen Wild, Wholesale Solutions Ltd.
Hyde's Toys Ltd. XSellco Testimonial

The Templates and auto-response features are great. Fusion has speeded up our responses a lot.

Laura Hester, Hyde's Toys Ltd.
Wall Sticker Warehouse XSellco Testimonial

My customer support agent is thrilled with XSellco Fusion after only 2 days, so she sends her thanks!!

James Belcher, Wall Sticker Warehouse
Electrical Europe XSellco Testimonial

As a multi-channel eCommerce business we were finding it challenging to maintain efficient customer support. We felt we had to hire more support agents just to manage the queries, and then we discovered XSellco Fusion. The platform is first class, easy to use and it brings together order information and customer history. Now we can monitor our responses and ensure that they are always on time. XSellco has been one of the best support decisions we have taken; it has saved us a lot of money and stress and it has resulted in happier customers.

Matthew Coalter, Purchasing & Development Manager, Electrical Europe
Sweet Addicts XSellco Testimonial

FORGET xxxvisor, they have massive fees. XSellco is good value for money and actually works.

Gareth Cawley, Sweet Addicts
Oaktree Gifts XSellco Testimonial

Absolutely love this repricing software, wish I had found it ages ago!

Gareth Williams, Oaktree Gifts
GMDC Global Ltd. XSellco Testimonial

Apart from being an accurate and cost effective repricing tool, there is a whole lot more, including ability to manage feedback. Service appears to be very important to this company. They always take feedback and act on it, whether it’s in surveys or over the phone. I fully recommend this company if you operate a small - medium ecommerce business.

John Pemberton, GMDC Global Ltd.
Lupo Store XSellco Testimonial

The High5 mail software works a treat. If there are any amendments I need to make their support staff are always on hand to speak to. Just a good all round experience.

Julius Oliveti, Lupo Store
The Gift Oasis XSellco Testimonial

Just wanted to reach out and let you know what a fantastic job the team there do, not only in supporting us but also in taking onboard our ideas and often running with them. That's a breath of fresh air in many cases

Stephen Walder, The Gift Oasis
School Wear United XSellco Testimonial

It's so nice waking up in the morning not having to worry, XSellco are taking care of it.

Umar Javid, School Wear United
Indigo Herbs XSellco Testimonial

XSellco has significantly improved the efficiency of our business. It's easy to use and the team are always there to help when we need them.

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