Introducing eDesk


Using a helpdesk

1 in every 8 online sales leads to a customer query. In this video Danie explains how eDesk unleashes support team’s superpowers by allowing them to answer support tickets in a fraction of the time.


Meet eDesk

A two minute overview of what comes in the box with eDesk, the customer service hub designed specifically to save online retailers time and money on support.


Introducing eDesk’s mailbox and AI features

Customer queries from all your marketplaces, webstores, and social channels are all centralized in eDesk. Take a tour of it with Clodagh and see how eDesk’s smart A.I. makes it easy to respond in a single click.


Introducing eDesk Dashboard and Reports

eDesk’s dashboards and reports display your support team’s effectiveness and on your sales performance at a glance. Take a tour of them with Clodagh.


How eDesk simplifies eCommerce support

Callum shares how eDesk’s unique features, such as automated invoice generation and auto-translate, enable support agents to respond to customer queries in a fraction of the time.

Introducing Repricer


Using a repricer

82% of sales on Amazon go to merchants who are in the buy box. In this video Danie explains how to use a repricer to win the buy box more often and, most importantly, to sell more.


Introducing Repricer dashboards and reports

Clodagh takes you on a tour through Repricer by xSellco’s dashboard and the reports. Make smart repricing decisions, track competitors and analyze the success of each SKU using these detailed insights.