Automate intelligent feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more

Target positive feedback with smart selective requests

The benefits of xSellco Feedback

Better feedback means better sales!

Rank higher and sell more as a trusted brand

Improve your seller feedback and product reviews with automated feedback requests on Amazon, eBay and more, while making sure you adhere to marketplace criteria every time.

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One feedback software, all the platforms

Build your reputation on every channel

Integrate xSellco with your online store to increase reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook and Twitter. Improve SEO and social proof, while attracting new website customers wherever they may be!

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Focus on positive reviews

Send smart, selective requests

Increase your seller rating by requesting feedback on the right products, from the right customers, at the right time. Tailor feedback requests to target orders by SKU, product type, on-time delivery, destination, and much more.

feedback software targeting

Fully automated -
just set it and forget it

Send thousands of requests in minutes

Quick and easy to set up, you decide what customers to ask and what message to deliver—we do the rest. Automation means new reviews every single day—and lots of recent reviews are well regarded by listing algorithms on your sales platforms.

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It’s not just quality, it’s quantity too!

The more feedback, the greater the rewards

Customers ascribe greater value to sellers with lots of positive reviews. It’s not enough to have a high score, you need lot’s of high scores—and we help you get them.

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Get more reviews on Amazon, eBay and your online store

Wherever you sell online, automate your feedback requests with xSellco

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feedback software ecommerce integrations

Trusted by thousands of online retailers

We’ll let our numbers talk for themselves

10.25 Million
Messages handled
every month
603 Million
Positive feedback
$8.1 Billion
Online sales
facilitated this year

Get more reviews, boost sales and grow your business

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