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Attract more reviews,
wherever you sell

Target positive feedback with smart selective requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more.

icon feature Sell more with positive feedback

Improve your brand reputation on Amazon, eBay and your online store

amazon feedback software


Generate reviews while you sleep. Automate feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, cDiscount, Fnac and your online store. Improve your reputation and sell more with minimal effort.

Multichannel feedback management

Manage feedback for all your sales channels with one xSellco account.

Trusted partner

As official developer partners with Amazon and eBay, xSellco complies with all marketplace feedback policies.

icon target white Intelligent targeting

Request feedback on the right products, from the right customers, at the right time

amazon feedback software product targeting


Get 5-star reviews by sending selective feedback requests on product orders that perform well. Exclude SKUs that have a poor feedback record.

amazon feedback software customer blacklist


Send requests to customers
who have left positive feedback before, blacklist customers who have a history of
negative feedback.

amazon feedback software delivery time

Delivery time

Reduce negative reviews by only sending feedback requests on orders that were delivered
on time.

amazon feedback software connect helpdesk

Connect Helpdesk

Connect with your xSellco helpdesk to ensure that you don’t send feedback requests to customers who have raised a support ticket.

icon optimize Optimize

Create the perfect strategy that helps you increase positive feedback, improve your ranking
and beat the competition

1 icon optimize customize dark

Customize emails

Tailor your email messages to suit your business. Create templates, edit subject line, language, formatting. Make it work for you.

2 icon optimize testing dark


Refine your feedback strategy by testing message content. Run simple tests that improve your results.

3 icon optimize personalize dark


Improve your response rates by using personalized tags that automatically insert customer details, product, order information and much more.

4 icon optimize follow up dark

Follow up

Offer a great customer experience by following up with helpful guides and resources to show your customer how to get the most out of your product.

5 icon optimize returning customers dark

Returning customers

Reward your loyal customers and send personalized Thank You messages that can be automated from your xSellco account.

6 icon optimize timing dark


Choose when customers receive your feedback requests. How long after order dispatch, delivery and time of day are up to you.

icon report Reporting

Grow positive feedback faster with insights

ebay positive feedback generator reports

Measure performance

Monitor your response rates over time and measure the impact of your feedback strategy.

ebay positive feedback generator star ratings

Star ratings

Pursue perfect seller metrics. See all your feedback scores at a glance.

ebay positive feedback generator positive scores

Positive feedback

Analyze the trends in your positive feedback scores.

ebay positive feedback generator recent reviews

Recent reviews

Your latest reviews are displayed in your dashboard so you can respond quickly to negative feedback.

Trusted by thousands of online retailers big and small

We’ve been hitting 100% positive feedback since we started using xSellco. Our Amazon feedback is now at 100% which was previously unheard of for us.
Using xSellco we have increased our feedback across Amazon and eBay to over 400 positive reviews per month, maintaining a 99% positive seller rating.

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