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Connected support, feedback and pricing
in one e‑commerce platform


The eCommerce help desk. Use AI power and direct connections to everywhere you sell to save big on support costs.

Automatically reprice on Amazon to ensure maximum sales for minimum effort. Win the Buy Box at higher prices.


Get better ratings and more of them with automated intelligent feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more.


Simple, connected, e‑commerce
customer support

The only purpose built e‑commerce help desk. Centralize all your customer queries and order details from every sales channel into one connected dashboard. Resolve support queries in double-quick time!

customer service software

Win the Amazon Buy Box

Our repricer uses algorithms to raise or lower your price in real time across your entire inventory. We’ll set you up with a pricing strategy that helps you win the Buy Box at optimal prices.

amazon repricer


Better feedback, better sales!

Improve your seller scores by automating selective feedback requests that target happy customers.

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Connect your webstore, marketplace and social platforms

Manage sales, support and reputation - All in one place

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help desk software ecommerce integrations

xSellco stories


Case study: Suzuki

We love xSellco because it saves us so much time. We have reduced average customer response times by 84%.

Natalie Goddard, Suzuki

Big Jigs Toys

How BigJigs Toys utilize xSellco to manage their growing business.


Case study: Mick’s Garage

Increase customer loyalty with fast resolutions.


xSellco support series: Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin’s eCommerce journey from start to success.


Webinar: Amazon sponsored products

Win new customers with Amazon sponsored products.


Webinar: Emerging markets

Identify opportunities for international expansion.

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