Boost your Amazon sales with a targeted feedback strategy

Business is good.

Your products are selling well on Amazon, you’ve developed a strong niche, profits are healthy and you’re exploring new products to sell. You may have increased your sales and profits by using an Amazon repricer.

But are you growing as fast as you could be? Is there anything stopping you from making even more sales?

When it comes to growing your Amazon or eBay sales, there is one part of the sales cycle that many sellers don’t focus on enough. It’s a crucial part of selling on marketplaces and it could be holding you back.


It’s a part of life in eCommerce that gets put on the back burner, because it never feels like you have full control over it. From receiving unwarranted negative comments to a stream of perfect sales without the corresponding reviews; feedback can be a frustrating part of being an online seller.

Business may even be better than ever, but are you getting the quality and quantity of feedback you deserve?

Getting feedback is hard

Feedback is one of the pillars of a successful Amazon sales business, but reviews are getting harder to come by in an increasingly fast-paced eCommerce market where the consumer is spoilt for choice.

It’s harder to get positive feedback, but it’s never been more important that you do get it. Here’s why:

  • 92 percent of online shoppers read online reviews
  • 60 percent are influenced by negative comments
  • 40 percent of shoppers form their opinions from as little as three reviews

So how do you control and improve what’s happening to your feedback rating? How do you take full advantage of the perfect sales you make every other week?

There are ways to get more positive feedback, more often.

You might have a standardized email going out a few days after sales, requesting the seller’s feedback on their experience. Or you might send one a few weeks after a sale, asking the customer to review your product.

In an era of ever-increasing customer expectations, more sales simply don’t equate to more positive feedback. You’ve got to go get it from people in a targeted way.

If you’ve got a targeted feedback strategy, the Amazon cycle will spin in your favour. If you don’t, then you could be missing out on a powerful driver of sales. You need to take maximum advantage of improved sales by getting the feedback to match.

Winning more feedback

The modern online customer is a tricky fish to catch. But if you tailor a feedback strategy for your customers, your negative reviews will decrease and your positive feedback will skyrocket.

There are a number of things to consider when developing a feedback strategy. The key pieces of information are:

  • Who is your customer (tone)
  • Where they are on a country level (timing)
  • What they care about (context)
  • Your feedback track record by product (targeting)

This may seem like basic information, but it’s a vital aspect of how you develop a successful feedback strategy.

The language, tone and wording of your feedback requests will be influenced by how well you know your customer.

The timing of when you send it depends on where your customers are located and in what hours are they most receptive to being contacted.

How you tailor the request for each product is a crucial element, what products you include and exclude, from your feedback strategy, will be determined by these key considerations.

Once you have this information, you can start developing a targeted feedback strategy. Once you have a strategy in place, the next step is to automate it.

Build a feedback strategy today

Interested in learning how to put this into practice and developing a targeted feedback strategy for your business?

Download the guide on “Using Intelligent Feedback Requests to Make More Sales” and started getting more positive feedback today.

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