eCommerce support

Deliver outstanding eCommerce support for Amazon buyers

The equation is simple. High level eCommerce support equals happy customers and that means more sales on Amazon.

Customer support has a far reaching impact on Amazon seller performance metrics. Support that rewards your buyers will improve your reputation and revenues.

We explore the steps to be truly effective

Respond faster

The foundation of great eCommerce support is speed. By responding quickly you create an instant connection with the buyer and turn queries into sales.

To improve your response times create response templates to reuse on recurring queries to save time.

Use color-coded labels to categorize messages by topics to get a more complete picture of your issues. Examples of labels include Returns, Urgent, Damaged Product, VIP Customer and Late Delivery.

Be mobile. A strategy that incorporates mobile access will make it easier to support customers over weekends and holidays. Timely responses reduce negative feedback and keep you on the right side of 24-hour response guidelines.

Prioritize your responses. Focus on the queries approaching the 24-hour marketplace SLA cut-off. Make sure the difficult ones aren’t ignored.

Resolve smarter

Some cases can be resolved easily, others need to be investigated fully and require more effort. You can turn a potentially bad situation into a good one. You’ll make a lasting impression by fixing the problem efficiently.

When you resolve a complaint in your customer’s favor, they will do business with you again 70% of the time. (Lee Resources)

You must have order details, tracking numbers, dispatch times and transaction details at your fingertips. Responsive support tells the customer you’re committed to the solution.

Recognizing negative feedback  and reacting quickly is the best way to stop escalations at source. By identifying problems early you take control.

The metrics that matter

Order Defect Rate – The percentage of orders considered to have a ‘defect’. A defect can be  A to Z guarantee claim, service charge backs and negative feedback, for example. If ODR goes over 1% you may lose your entitlement to win the Buy Box.

Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate – If it’s over 2.5% you could be penalized. If a buyer wants to cancel an order before despatch, ask them to use the order-cancellation options in their Amazon account.

Late Despatch Rate – The Target is less than 4%. You need to ensure you despatch in a timely fashion.

Contact Response Time – The contact response time is a fairly simple but tough metric. All customer communication must be responded to within 24 hours. That includes weekends and holidays.

Track all eCommerce support activity

Streamlining customer support to avoiding escalations, minimize negative feedback and maintain healthy seller metrics is central to your success as an Amazon seller.

Organizing your business to track, filter and prioritize all eCommerce support activity is a challenge. The more channels you sell on, the more hassle it is.

Do you find it difficult to:

  • Thread order information and support queries together
  • Identify negative feedback
  • Prioritize the important issues
  • Know how resolutions are progressing
  • Know when staff are overloaded
  • Keep track of SLA compliance times

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