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The complete guide to customer support for e-commerce

Guide to customer support for e-commerce sellers

Great customer support leads to more sales. Why not get it right? We have compiled a complete guide of customer support articles that will help you to lead the way in eCommerce customer support. Look at the dos and don’ts of customer support, learn how to transform first-time shoppers into valuable returning customers and get some tips on providing sensational support for your international customers.

Shoppers are moving to new platforms to access support agents and it is essential that online sellers can prepare and motivate their teams to provide an excellent experience. This compilation of customer support articles will help you achieve operational excellence.

Learn from the best

To help you on your way to becoming a highly rated online seller, we share some tips from the leaders in customer support and look at some examples of what you should avoid.

Create a great customer experience

Loyal customers are worth ten times more than their first purchase. This article highlights the opportunities that are available to you to surprise and delight your customers. When you provide an unforgettable experience and make the buying process easy for your customer, they will return and continue to buy from your store.  To transform first-time shoppers into lifelong customers you need to nurture them from the beginning. You may only get one chance to impress your customer, so make each experience memorable.

Craft the perfect response

Each and every response you send holds great value to your business. Each message has an individual customer at the receiving end and every customer has a network of people with whom they’ll share their experience.

With written communication, you only have your choice of language, tone and punctuation to rely on to get your message across to your customer.  If a customer has a negative experience, they are twice as likely to air their grievances on social media, review sites like trustpilot, and on marketplaces. Discover the tips you need to craft the perfect response. In our webinar, we show you how to improve the quality of your customer interactions while speeding up your response times.

Transform a negative interaction into a positive one

While we are all working towards providing a great customer experience with every order and interaction, it is always possible that one angry customer can slip through the cracks. Learn from your customers’ grievances and transform a negative situation into a beneficial result for all involved.


Master guide to customer support on social media

Customers are drawn to social media channels to get the resolution they seek from sellers. In this infographic, you will discover where your customers are interacting with your business and learn what they expect from you and your agents. Understand the potential that great customer support poses for the future of your company.

The fundamental reason that people turn to social media for customer support is that it’s easy. The companies that excel at customer support are the ones that recognize the importance of simplifying communications with their customers. When you consider the demographics of your audience, there are differences in what people expect and how they want to be treated but you will find there are also some universal truths.

Global guide to customer support for multichannel sellers

We help you to identify with your customers’ situation, customs and motives so that you can provide a great experience and grow your business across the globe. Selling internationally is not just about communicating in the local language. It is essential for international sellers to recognize and acknowledge cultural differences when speaking to their customers.

Motivate and guide customer support heroes

Customer support agents don’t always have the easiest job, so it is important for businesses to realize their value and support them every step of the way. Discover how you can help your agents’ productivity, by working as a team and predicting any issues that might arise in advance, so that you can prepare the team and keep their workflows steady. Happy customer support agents have the power to deliver a wealth of future sales.

Simplify your eCommerce support operations

Online sellers rely on software to improve their workflows. The problem is that there are so many tools and logins to multiple channels in order to manage your customer support. There is one solution for customer support that is tailored specifically for eCommerce sellers and integrates with marketplaces, webstores, social channels, inventory, shipping providers… everything essential to eCommerce customer support, and is delivered to you by xSellco.

At xSellco, we take great pride in our customer support team and the tools we have built to make customer support a seamless process for online sellers. Keep learning about ways to improve your support processes by consulting our resources page and the xSellco blog. If you have any questions for the team, we would love to hear from you

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