Feedback on Amazon

Why aren’t you asking for feedback on Amazon and eBay?

Feedback on Amazon and eBay is a crucial factor in helping shoppers make better decisions. Reviews increase the motivation to make a purchase. They’re perceived as valuable at all stages of a buyer’s decision making.

Decisive Impact on Sales

Sellers who generate positive feedback on Amazon and eBay are rewarded. Reviews are a prominent feature of marketplace websites. For marketplaces, reviews increase the usefulness of their sites. In 2015, reviews were the single biggest influence on buying decisions for Amazon shoppers. (Statista)

Customers find reviews helpful to;

  • Increase the perception of choice
  • Save time and effort searching
  • Promote trust & credibility
  • Give unique perspectives
  • Provide specific product details

Reviews are valuable because they are peer determined. They include sentiments that are unique to the reviewer. Shoppers are more confident when information helps them make comparisons.

Marketplace Metrics

Sellers who encourage customer feedback are consistent with Amazon & eBay’s policies. Feedback Score is a key factor in winning the Buy Box. It’s estimated that 82 per cent of Amazon sales are made there. On eBay, positive feedback improves the placement of goods in search results.

Feedback score and number of lifetime ratings are displayed beside every listing. They’re crucial in influencing buyers and aligning with the customer focused strategies of marketplaces.

You need 98 per cent positive feedback to be an eBay power seller. On both marketplaces, strong feedback and strong sales go hand in hand.

Feedback on Amazon and eBay

As little as 6 per cent of buyers ever leave feedback on Amazon. To improve your score, it makes sense to ask.

Buyers are open to messages that thank them and encourage them to leave feedback. Well worded post-sale requests improve the quality and quantity of feedback.

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To turn reviews into revenues, remember these tips;

  • Timing of Requests. Send a thank you message when you receive the order. Follow up with a feedback request when the item is delivered.
  • Message Content. Tailor your messages for specific scenarios. For example, on-time delivery or products that generate common queries. Show the human side of your business. Use a friendly, open tone and always personalize requests.
  • Help the Customer. Make it easy by including links that direct buyers to where feedback is left. Include guides and manuals, as well as asking for feedback.

Sellers should make every attempt to encourage customer feedback on Amazon and eBay. After all – don’t ask and you won’t get.

To proactively encourage more positive feedback, ask for it on the right products, from the right customers, at the right time.

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