Price Replicator tool for eBay

We built this – Price Replicator for eBay

xSellco continues to innovate in the world of online marketplace selling. By developing a powerful new tool that replicates Amazon pricing to eBay and other leading marketplaces – the first of its kind – we continue to break new ground.

Up to now, no Amazon repricing tool has had the capacity to replicate prices to eBay. Sellers have had to spend valuable time and resources manually replicating their prices or setting different price rules for every channel.

Our new price replicator tool allows sellers to utilize all the benefits of real-time repricing across multiple marketplaces. It delivers tangible time and resource savings, reducing complexity and allowing easier management.

Providing the ability to comprehensively control multi-channel pricing and react instantly to price fluctuations, our new replicator tool ensures you remain competitive while maximizing sales.

What follows is a brief interview with xSellco’s CTO Niall Dawson about the development of our new multi-channel price replicator tool.

How did this product come about?

We’ve been developing this for the last two months. Our customer service team have been taking calls from clients who are delighted with Price Manager, so they’ve been asking us to do an eBay repricer.  We figured – if we’re going to do eBay repricing, let’s include:

How does it work?

Sellers can make their existing Amazon channel the source channel. They can then set up a destination channel. There’s a default destination price variation so you can match all your prices from Amazon – you can add as many channels as you have. A seller might have eight Amazon channels and six eBay channels. They could reprice their UK Amazon channel against their UK eBay channel and their Japanese Amazon channel against their Japanese eBay channel, for example.

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Is it easy to set up?

Set up is really quick. You download the template file, go into a list of all your Amazon SKU prices, open a spreadsheet, right click and straight away replicate all of your amazon prices into your eBay store.
It’s very comprehensive. You can start with just one or two products and if you are happy just carry on.

The interface is fairly light. We know that most of our bigger sellers live in spreadsheets. We went down the route of clients managing it by easily download and uploading files. It isn’t feasible to manage half a million products on a web user interface.

What are the benefits?

eBay don’t have the kind of product by product marketplace with multiple sellers that Amazon do. Amazon have the repricing strategy we work off. eBay just don’t that the ability to say, ‘Ok – here’s one product and there are 15 people selling it – we’re going to reprice against all these competitors.”

The benefit to the client is that they won’t have to create rules for every individual channel. They can create their sets of rules for Amazon and that will replicate down to all the channels, so you don’t have to go on specific channels and do pricing of each one. If you want to set different rules for different products you can do that too.

If a consumer is shopping in the UK – they are likely to check both Amazon UK and eBay UK for a product – it’s vital that prices are in sync to improve your chances of both making the sale & selling at the most competitive price.

We did a trial with one of our customers, he said, ‘we didn’t think it was possible to automate our pricing with eBay – we’re already seeing an uplift in sales.’