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4 Steps to maximize your Amazon sales success

Sales are the vital component for any business that wants to grow. We all need those sales order notifications to be hitting our inbox with predictable regularly.

With competitive pricing, great customer support and stellar metrics you can make more Amazon sales.

How to make more Amazon sales

1. Win the Amazon Buy Box

Up to 90% of Amazon sales are made through the Buy Box. Amazon use various criteria to rank seller performance and award the all important Buy Box.

These include:

  • Fulfilment Method. Fulfilment by merchant (FBM) or Amazon (FBA)
  • Landed Price. Total amount customer pays
  • Shipping Time. Promised time to ship the product
  • Seller Rating. Overall customer experience score
  • Feedback Score. Culmination of total feedback
  • Customer Response Time. Average time of seller responses to queries

You get your products in front of more eyeballs by winning the Buy Box

2.Better Customer Support 

It’s imperative to organize your business to avoid SLA breaches and promote the best possible customer experience. Your ability to deal with customer initiated messages has a huge impact on overall performance.

The main barrier is the length of time it takes to respond. Timely, high quality responses reduce negative feedback. You must responded to all customer messages within 24 hours. That includes weekends and holidays.

  • Reduce your response times by categorizing, assigning and prioritizing messages quickly
  • Have a defined process for handling each query type
  • Resolve issues faster by identifying potential escalations
  • Use labels to group your message history by topic, like returns, shipping and product queries

Prompt responses can turn a query into a sale.

3. Be Price Competitive

The challenge for sellers is to maximize profits by responding to price fluctuations while achieving the best possible price.

Manual repricing is just too complicated and time consuming. Unless you want to constantly monitor your rivals’ prices and lose yourself in spreadsheet data.

The benefits of Amazon Repricing Software: 

  • Win the Buy Box and still get the best price
  • Beat your competitors by repricing faster
  • Be sure of a profit on every sale
  • Lets you compete with every other seller
  • React to every competitive scenario
  • Maximize all opportunities to sell

4. Set the Price Rules

No-one knows your business like you do. With rules-based repricing you specify the competitive scenarios and reprice in a way that makes sense for you. You retain control. The ‘rules’ are transparent because you set them.

Many factors determine who wins the Buy Box. Rules based repricing allows you to consideration them all. Compete in a super-granular way, based on location, fulfilment method, stock levels, stock age, free shipping and more.

Advanced repricers allow you to price based on your desired net margin after taking account of all selling costs. This ensures you never sell at a loss.

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