social media integration

Facebook and Twitter support requests? Manage all customer messages in one place

As an online business, your customer has lots of ways to connect with you.  It can be pretty hard trying to stay on top of all your messages these days – and trying to manage all the different sources of communication can get pretty overwhelming.  If you can’t keep on top of them, a late reply can result in a bad review.  You need to be able to reply to customers quickly – no matter where they get in touch with you.

That’s where xSellco Help Desk comes in.  We have integrated with Facebook and Twitter (along with pretty much every selling platform / marketplace out there), to help you to respond to customer posts on social – the same way as you would email, or any other incoming message.  We instantly synchronize your social messages, creating individual tickets for each case.

Now you won’t have to check multiple screens, social accounts, and more to see what messages came in.  Even better – you now have one login where you can reply from too!  So no need for your teams to be managing lots of entry points.  Simply respond to your incoming messages on social media from one really simple inbox.

To get started with social integrations just go to your channels in your xSellco dashboard and add Facebook and Twitter in just 2 clicks.

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