Negative feedback on eBay

Best practices for managing neutral and negative feedback on eBay and Amazon

Positive reviews can increase your sales on eBay and Amazon. Conversely, negative reviews can damage your reputation and reduce your sales if not managed correctly. There’s a high level of consistency in the steps to resolve negative feedback on eBay and Amazon.

Work with the buyer to resolve the issue

If you resolve the issue satisfactorily you’re entitled to request that the buyer remove the negative feedback. You’re not allowed to coerce or offer the buyer incentives to remove the feedback.

You’re allowed to publicly reply to the feedback. Where you’ve made a mistake, apologize and state how you’ll resolve the situation. Where the feedback violates criteria set by eBay or Amazon you can raise a case for the feedback to be removed. It won’t be removed automatically, you need to request it.

Removing Negative Feedback on eBay

eBay’s policy allows for removal of negative feedback in the following circumstances:

  • Feedback contains inappropriate content like abusive language
  • Information which identifies a person
  • Where feedback is unrelated to a seller’s performance
  • Buyer states something which is clearly incorrect
  • The buyer made an error when leaving feedback or made a mistake in the checkout process
  • eBay determine it’s necessary and appropriate to remove feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings

Feedback Removal on Amazon

Amazon’s policy allows for the removal of feedback if it:

  • Contains inappropriate content, e.g. abusive or obscene language
  • Identifies an individual
  • Is based on an order Fulfilled by Amazon. You can have the feedback struck off
  • Is entirely a product review. Amazon have a separate section for those

Note: If the feedback is part product review and part seller review it will not be removed

Read more about removing negative feedback on eBay and Amazon here.

Handling Feedback Promptly

xSellco Fusion imports all neutral and negative feedback on eBay and Amazon into a powerful central dashboard. It classifies all incoming messages from all your sales channels, highlighting negative feedback to prompt you and help you to rectify the situation.

Benefits of helpdesk automation:

  • Improve your marketplace response times
  • Increase your seller rating
  • Cut your resolution times
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Save time and resources managing support
  • Give your support agents the tools to win

Responding rapidly to negative feedback is critical to overturn the buyer’s opinion. With xSellco Fusion you’ll never miss another negative feedback. Fusion threads all sales order information and support activity together, giving you the full picture in an instant.

Fusion alerts you when negative feedback comes in and prioritizes incoming messages based on urgency, displaying the time left to SLA breach.

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