Upgrading from Zendesk to eDesk: Factors to Consider

Upgrading from Zendesk to eDesk: Factors to consider

At xSellco, we get quite a few customers who want to upgrade from Zendesk or other generic support systems to our purpose built eCommerce focused solution. Below I examine the three things you should think about before setting out on the journey.


When we consider upgrading software, we immediately think of onerous data transfer from “the old system” to the new. Fear of lost data, scheduling time from IT professionals, verifying to ensure everything works okay are just some of the steps we usually consider. Data transfer products exist but they’re often tedious and unreliable.

There must be a simpler way.

Well thankfully there is. Transfer nothing!

Whilst other support environments involve multiple interactions over months and years, providing retailer support to online shoppers is typically limited to a day or perhaps two. Send the instructions, invoice, shipment information/refund/new product etc. and move on. If you were to stop the connection feeding new tickets to Zendesk, but leave the ability to solve the remaining tickets, those tickets would burn down over a few days and all the Zendesk tickets would be solved.

At the point of Zendesk disconnection, allow eDesk to access new tickets by connecting your marketplaces, email and social channels. This might take a total of ten minutes. Add your team members and you are good to go.

Then solve NEW tickets in eDesk – faster!

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As eDesk’s interface is similar to email clients your staff will have used in the past, a quick look at our staff onboarding video will suffice. Users are typically proficient in eDesk in just a few minutes. And because the product, order and shipping data is right there in front of them, they will not need to learn how to look up information in other systems. So new staff get up to speed quicker, and all staff answer tickets in less time.

Staff Scheduling

Now you’re up and running, you might want to think about rosters. eDesk users typically get through support tickets much quicker so you’ll have additional capacity. Use this capacity on growing your sales to maximize the return on your eDesk investment.

The fastest and safest way to get started using eDesk is to connect your channels, enter staff names and off you go.

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