The long-term impact of automated pricing on Amazon sales [report]

When it comes to selling on Amazon, price is everything. But how you manage your prices is equally as important.

We have published a report on ‘The Long-Term Impact of Automated Pricing on Amazon Sales’ to highlight the importance of automated price management for online sellers.

The analysis found that online sellers who automate pricing on Amazon see an increase of 145 percent in weekly sales over a 30-week period.

Impact of Automated Pricing on Amazon Sales

Studying a sample 368 Amazon sellers of xSellco Price Manager, the 145 percent increase amounted to an average revenue increase of $203,000 for each seller.
automated pricing on Amazon

Four stages of growth

The report outlines the four stages of growth under automated pricing – Immediate Impact, Accelerated Sales, Sustained Growth and Longevity.

These four stages are explained in detail, highlighting seller behaviour during each stage and the development of repricing strategies over time.

automated pricing on amazon

The majority of sellers in this case study used automated repricing on multiple Amazon marketplaces, including the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Sellers who choose to automate prices increase their average weekly sales rapidly, while also sustaining a new level of business in the long run.

Learn how automated pricing can immediately grow your online business today.

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