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How to meet Amazon’s 12-hour Christmas response time request

Amazon has asked sellers to cut average response times in half over the holiday season. Are you set up to fulfil this response time request?

In a message sent out to sellers, Amazon said its research shows “customers who receive responses to their questions within 12 hours are generally more satisfied than those who receive responses between 12-24 hours”.

While Amazon hasn’t made this request mandatory, it raises the bar for response times in December.

Meet Amazon’s response time request

Asking you to “respond within hours if not minutes” raises important questions for sellers. Are you set up to handle your customer queries in a timely manner this Christmas? What is your average response time? Can you fulfil Amazon’s request?

Amazon wants you to join it in providing delightful customer experience this Christmas.

We can help.

xSellco Fusion makes the customer support process fast and simple. We are customer support management tailored for online sellers.

You can manage customer support queries from multiple channels, organize your tickets in order of response times and measure your customer service performance.

See the whole customer journey in one dashboard, including order and shipping information, as well as your history of interactions with that customer.

xSellco Fusion shows you your average response and resolution time, number of tickets handled, your marketplace SLA compliance, and helps you respond quickly. You can even edit your SLA time for each channel. This is especially useful during periods like Christmas when Amazon want to see faster response times.

Create templates for reuse, use SmartTags to save time writing emails and watch your customer response time shrink and your positive feedback grow.

Selling on more marketplaces than Amazon? We integrate with eBay, Magento, Etsy, Shopify and more.

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