Amazon’s hottest sellers in May 2016

Do you regularly check the Best Sellers section on Amazon to see what’s trending on the world’s leading marketplace? If not, you should. Amazon’s hottest sellers in May threw up some interesting products that you could easily sell.

Although the list is updated on an hourly basis, we’ve been checking out Amazon US and UK every day this month, and there have been the same outright winners in both countries in May so far.

Let’s look at some key Amazon categories: Toys / Games, Tech, Clothes and Computer Games.

Amazon’s Hottest Sellers

Top Toy / Game: Cards Against HumanityAmazon Hot Sellers1

This win might raise a few eyebrows for those who have played it. There’s no argument that Cards Against Humanity is hugely popular, but what on earth is it doing beside children’s toys?

The card game for adults is the outright winner on Amazon US and UK, and it’s beating Shopkins to the punch on both marketplaces.

Yes, hilariously dark statements and profanities printed on cardboard is beating a children’s toy / bag to the top. How are these two even competing?

This categorization is one Amazon may want to reconsider, especially considering it’s being sued for allowing kids to make purchases on the website without telling their moms.

Imagine coming home to your kids playing these kinds of cards along with their Shopkins figures. It could be funny. Or catastrophic.

Top Tech Gadget: Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Hot Sellers2

Great, Amazon’s got top spot with a product only it can sell. And number two. No way to compete there, or is there?

Electronics under $50 are the top selling product type among Amazon’s premium customers – Prime members. Electronics has also been the biggest Amazon growth category this past year according to eMarketer.

There is value in the trend. Are there alternatives you could stock up on to take advantage of the trend? Google’s got the Chromecast, but there could be upcoming players that you could resell, like the Android MXQ TV Box, and supply to the growing demand in the TV streaming market.

Not to mention there is a plethora of alternatives to the Fire Tablet you could be selling and undercutting Amazon on its own marketplace.

Top Clothes: Waist-shaping corsetsAmazon Hot Sellers4. PNG

Amazon’s Best Seller algorithm has pulled up another funny one here. A waist-shaping corset beats a baby’s onesie five-pack and men’s jeans. Though at least Amazon can be comfortable knowing that children who fit into those onesies are probably too young to be able to evade their parent’s attention and shop for their own onesies on Amazon.

Clothing sales are on the rise among Amazon’s premium customers, Prime members. That’s according to eMarketer, who say purchases of women’s clothing in particular have increased year on year among Prime members. It’s one of the few categories to have done so, along with electronics.

Top Computer Games: Uncharted 4 (PS4)Amazon Hot Sellers3

Well, there is only one word you need to know in this category right now. Playstation.

Its latest game Uncharted 4 is the top seller on most Amazon marketplaces, and people are buying gift vouchers like crazy to boost the PS4 love.

A highly competitive, but opportunity-laden niche where the best price nearly always wins, as quality is already guaranteed for new games.

Amazon is all about selling in volume, fast. Whether you’re FBA or FBM, if you can latch onto a growing trend, there are high-volume quickfire sales to be made.