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What you need to know about Amazon Business

B2B e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to top $6.7 trillion by 2020—and there are plenty of opportunities for online sellers to grab a piece of the pie.

Amazon Business, the company’s wholesale marketplace for business customers, is now available in the U.S., UK and Germany, offering online sellers the opportunity to grow their sales by reaching enterprises of all types and sizes, as well as universities, hospitals, government agencies and non-profits.

Every business has purchasing needs and the Amazon Business Seller program could open the door to new customers with bigger orders to place. Here’s why online sellers should consider the B2B marketplace.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon has taken its signature experience and applied it to the B2B arena—selling to businesses is now as easy as selling to consumers.

How does Amazon Business work for sellers?

It provides a platform for online sellers to reach business-only customers, separate to the standard consumer marketplace, without incurring additional fees or charges. Here are a few features to take into account when considering an upgrade to Amazon Business:

  • There is no need for new accounts or listings with Amazon Business, but you must be able to show an exceptional seller history to avail of the service. The same Amazon Seller account used for the consumer marketplace can be used for the Amazon Business Seller program. Your business-only prices will only be seen by verified business buyers.
  • You can entice more buyers by advertising your seller credentials. Diversity, ownership and quality encourages customer loyalty. If you have a Business Seller account and do not have the Buy Box, customers can scroll through the offers page of a product and will be able to view your Business Seller credential. Buyers who view the credentials and positive feedback are more likely to purchase your products, knowing you have been endorsed by Amazon itself as a Business Seller.

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  • Tell your customers more about your company by completing your seller profile. Whether you want to add banners, logos or just more details, this feature is exclusive to Business customers and not available on Seller Central.
  • The referral fees are percentage-based selling fees that Amazon charges per product. Business customers will pay lower fees on large transactions in core B2B categories. This figure could be as low as 6 percent.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon is also available for Amazon Business sellers to help them meet the rigorous delivery requirements expected by corporate customers by shipping orders directly from the warehouse.
  • Online sellers also have access to Amazon Business pricing and quantity discounts. This gives the option to sell by unit, case or pallet. 

Repricing with Amazon Business

A common misconception with selling on Amazon is that sellers think having the lowest prices for their products will result in winning the Buy Box. Although this is an important factor,  it’s not the only criteria. To keep your profits high and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box, you must optimize your prices with repricing software.

xSellco’s Repricer works in the exact same way for Amazon Business. Within your xSellco account, you have the option to enable business repricing under your pack details.

Amazon business repricer

You can reprice according to the rules previously set up in your account or you can create new ones. The Business repricer will also respect any existing minimum or maximum prices already applied to your products. When it comes to bulk purchases, Amazon will generate the appropriate invoices for the buyers.

What’s the bottom line? Upgrading to an Amazon Business Seller account will provide you with a competitive edge and guaranteed visibility to bigger buyers. If you want more information on xSellco repricing for Amazon Business, contact, or sign up for your free trial and check it out for yourself.


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