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Win the Amazon Buy Box with a repricing strategy you control

When I was a kid I climbed the steps to the highest diving board at the swimming pool, knowing my fear would inevitably stop me from taking the final step.

One day, standing at the edge and looking down, determined to impress my friends, I decided to take the plunge. I hit the water awkwardly. A few seconds later I resurfaced. My fear had quickly disappeared, but one question remained: what was I actually afraid of?

The unknown.

Those of us who run online businesses face constant uncertainty. In volatile marketplaces we never know if a competitor will move into our niche, or even how to react to price changes.

It’s widely accepted that using a marketplace repricer can be beneficial. But the question remains, do sellers surrender control of their prices and profits by doing so?

Our answer is always no, they don’t. Let me explain why.

Rules-based repricing

Rules-based repricing gives you the power to react to price changes and the flexibility to compete on your own terms. The ability to win the Amazon Buy Box depends on having a proven selling history and superior performance metrics across a range of measures. Fulfilment method and stock level also play a part in Amazon assessing a seller’s Buy Box credentials.

As much as 80% of sales on Amazon go through the Buy Box, just think what winning the Buy Box could do for your sales. Repricing rules can be set to maximize profitability and still win the Amazon Buy Box.

Typical scenarios include:

FBA sellers competing with self-fulfilled – Amazon generally gives Buy Box priority to sellers who use FBA , create rules to ignore the self-fulfilled or increase your prices.

Competing with lower rated sellers – You have two competitors one has a seller rating of 92% the other 98%. Your rating is also 98%. Set rules to ignore lower rated sellers and only reprice against those with an equivalent rating.

Your competitor runs out of stock – Set rules to increase your prices when a competitor you are repricing against sells out.

Win more Amazon Buy Box

The end goal should always be to consistently maximize your return on investment. Rules-based repricing lets you decide exactly when to change tack. You decided what your price point is and set rules which automatically kick in if required. You don’t sacrifice time and profits in your efforts to win the Amazon Buy Box.

xSellco Price Manager is powered by the rules you create. You pick the SKUs you want to reprice, who to compete against, on what terms and when to hit the brakes.

Enjoy the benefits of real-time repricing and decide which competitive scenarios are most relevant for you.

After all, nobody knows your business like you do. Time to take the next step?

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