Turning eBay Browsers into eBay Buyers

Everyone who sells on eBay knows the true meaning of the word competition. Unlike most other marketplaces, eBay empowers sellers to promote their products to eBay buyers by using their own listings, as well as manage their own shopfronts. But this means your own listing standards must be high to compete with the best on eBay.

To help sellers get the most out of eBay, I hosted a webinar on ‘Turning eBay Browsers into eBay Buyers’ on 4 February 2016, focusing primarily on how to identify potentially profitable products to sell as well as talking about the best tools to help plan your product lines.

For this webinar I teamed up with eBay expert Sam Dey of Deytips.com, who provided insights on how to optimize your eBay shop window to increase conversions. Deytips is an eCommerce and digital marketing blog that help entrepreneurs better market their products and services online.

Sam also explained how to create eBay listings that rank higher in search results, as well as how to attract more clicks on your eBay listings.

There are nuggets of eBay gold for both eBay newbies and old school veterans. We also answered questions from our participants at the end of the webinar.

Watch the webinar on the xSellco YouTube channel.