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How to remove negative feedback from Amazon

As an Amazon seller, you never want to get negative feedback. It looks bad, it deters buyers and it impacts on your ability to win the Amazon Buy Box. It’s not all bad news though, you can ask Amazon to remove negative feedback if it doesn’t abide by their rules.

Amazon can remove negative feedback that:

  • Focuses on the product itself and not the seller service.
  • Uses profane or obscene language
  • Includes personally identifiable information

Where an FBA service is reviewed negatively, Amazon don’t remove the actual feedback. Instead, they insert a line through the rating and add the statement, “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience” will be added.

If a review is positive but the buyer accidentally provides a negative rating, you’re entitled to contact the buyer and request they edited or remove it.

Feedback should be about service the buyer receives and not a review of the product. You can apply to remove negative feedback that’s not based on your service, like when a buyer comments “The product was too difficult to use.” Amazon has a separate product review section.

If the review combines feedback of both the product and the service, then Amazon will not remove it. For example, if the review says something like ”Service wasn’t great and the product wasn’t much better”, then in theory Amazon won’t remove the negative feedback.

Feedback that contains obscene language or personal details will generally be automatically removed by Amazon.

remove negative feedback
Example of a positive review, with a negative rating. You can apply for this to be removed.

Asking Amazon to Remove Negative Feedback

If you feel you have a case for removing negative feedback, you can do the following.

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Click on the Contact Seller Support button
  • Select Orders> Customer Feedback Problems
  • Complete the form provided by Amazon

One thing you can’t do is email a buyer and request that they remove negative feedback in exchange for a refund. This will get your Amazon account suspended.

Do your best to resolve the situation, with a refund or a replacement, for example. You can then ask the buyer to reconsider their rating. You should never phrase your request so the buyer believes the refund is a trade-off for a better rating.

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Get More Positive Feedback

Negative reviews can damage your reputation and impact sales if not managed correctly. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Positive reviews increase sales on Amazon and eBay by improving your feedback scores and encouraging more buyers. 

Reviews are crucial in influencing buyers and helping you comply with customer-centric marketplace rules:

  • Feedback score is a key Amazon Buy Box metric
  • It’s estimated that 90% of sales on Amazon are made through the Buy Box
  • Good feedback scores equate to better placement in search results
  • Strong feedback and strong sales performance go hand in hand

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