Amazon Feedback Requests

How to get more feedback requests on Amazon and eBay

Getting more feedback on Amazon and eBay

Customer feedback plays a huge role in improving your sales on Amazon and eBay. Almost everyone online shopper will check the reviews before making a purchase decision.

Shoppers give more weight to sellers who have a better feedback score. Seller who get more feedback improve their product placement and make more sales on Amazon and eBay.

That’s why it’s essential to both maintain a high feedback score and increase the number of lifetime ratings.

On both marketplaces, reviews are a crucial part of the customer experience. Buyers need them to get unbiased opinions and to fill their knowledge gaps. In 2015, customer feedback on product reviews was the single most influential factor on buying decision for all Amazon users. (Statista)

On average, around 6% of buyers ever leave some form of Amazon feedback. The big challenge is to convince happy buyers to leave feedback and limits the chance of buyers having a bad experience.

For marketplace shoppers, a seller’s feedback rating is a leading influence on their purchasing decisions. Reputation is a key driver of strong sales growth.

Customer Support

Always be proactive in helping buyers resolve issues. If there is an issues with an order, it’s important to get the problem resolved quickly and efficiently. Responses to customer inquiries are an important factor in customer satisfaction.

Orders with emails or messages responded to within 24 hours receive 50% less negative feedback than those responded to after 24 hours. (Amazon)

Always be friendly, courteous and helpful. Use honest and open language to create a friendly, conversational tone. Let the customer know you’re a real person and not a faceless entity. Show them they’re in safe hands. Personalizing message subject lines to include the buyer’s name and product gives instant recognition.

Go the Extra Mile

Simply add a thank you note to the items you ship. Thank the buyer for their purchase and provide instructions on how to leave feedback. You’ll find that most buyers appreciate the small gesture, and will oblige.

It’s against the rules to offer incentives when requesting feedback, as this violates Amazon’s policies.  Your objective is to provide the buyer with a better experience of doing business with you. If a customer is satisfied, they may choose to leave a positive review.

How to Get More Feedback

Buyers are open to receiving messages that thank them for their business and encourage them to leave feedback. You can do it manually, which may be adequate for sellers with low order volumes, or you can automate the process using feedback software for Amazon and eBay.

It’s completely within Amazon’s policies to ask your customers to leave feedback. Well worded, timely post-sale messages greatly improve the quality and quantity of your feedback.

An improved seller rating will help you sell more. To proactively encourage more positive feedback, ask for it on the right products, from the right customers, at the right time.

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