eBay fall seller release – what you need to know

ebay today announced it’s twice yearly update for sellers, which typically announces fee changes, category changes and new initiatives. We have trawled through the news and pulled together the key changes for each region:

Highlights for those selling in the UK:

Click & Collect

The Click and Collect trial enabling sellers to have their goods collected at Argos stores is now available for all sellers.  There are steps you need to follow in order to qualify for this. These include:

  • Adding fast & free with an eligible carrier service to your listings
  • Make sure you add one of the 5 eligible click and collect carriers
  • Make sure you add weight and dimensions information to your listings

Extended returns for Christmas

To qualify for ebay premium service, you need to offer extended returns over the Christmas period. Orders placed from November need to have a return widow through to 31st January 2015

New seller dashboard coming into effect

The new ebay selling standards and dashboard come into effect on 20th August

Managed returns

Managed returns will become mandatory.  You will be notified by ebay when you will be opted in (i.e. compulsory). From March 2015 it will be compulsory for all sellers.

Order cancellation / Seller standards

Simplification of the order cancellation process, and some changes to the defect removal process

Category and item specifics changes

there are changes to a range of categories, including

  • Clothes, shoes & accessories
  • Home, furniture & DIY
  • Computers/Tablets & networking

For sellers in the USA, the site changes are broadly similar to the UK.

Streamlining cancellation process.

Buyers will be able to ask for a cancellation one hour after the sale. Note where you cancel the sale ensure you select buyer requested cancellation, so that it does not count as a defect against you.

New seller dashboard

New seller dashboard goes live with new evaluation cycle August 20th.

Mandatory managed returns by 2015 holiday season

That means buyers will be able to return an item for any reason. Sellers will still have the option of not accepting returns at all.

Germany – again the changes are broadly similar to the UK

  • Item specifics changes – energy efficiency class required in certain electronics categories
  • Other category and Item specifics changes

France, Italy, Spain

New ebay Cart being rolled out