All aboard the Walmart train?

Walmart is making it easier to sell on Walmart.

The retail giant has announced a partnership with ChannelAdvisor to help grow its burgeoning online marketplace – news that could have big implications for online sellers.

Its online marketplace, which had less than 500 sellers on its marketplace as of April 2016, could be opening the door to more third party sellers this year.

Cue the floodgates bursting open? Potentially. Integrating with an eCommerce platform with thousands of customers is a telling sign of the US superstore’s plans for its online marketplace.

Immediate plans too. Walmart’s online marketplace chief Seth Beal reckons the number of sellers could hit the thousands quickly.

ChannelAdvisor customers can’t connect with Walmart automatically, but Beal has said the new integration “will make it easier”.

But the ChannelAdvisor partnership could be the sign of things to come. Sellers – keep your eyes peeled for further developments coming down the road – you could be among the first to benefit.

Whatever happens, a retail giant like Walmart opening its doors represents a giant opportunity for marketplace sellers. Amazon’s years of dominance could finally be facing a challenge from a worthy rival.

Looking to expand your business on a new selling channel? Think about making Walmart your next stop.