5 Customer support templates for the holiday season

The time is nigh for eCommerce businesses to prepare their support teams for a whole lot of seasonal support requests. At xSellco, we decided to help you out in advance with five customer support templates, that will help get you ready for the most common support queries during the holiday season.

You can use any of these templates by simply copying and pasting from the document, or edit them to suit your own business needs and brand personality. The templates include Fusion SmartTags which help online sellers to personalize customer responses with customer name, address, order information and so much more. We have found that xSellco customers, who use a minimum of five templates, cut their response times in half. Customers will love a personalized interaction, especially over the holiday season.

5 Customer support templates for the holiday season:

1. Thank You:

Seasons Greetings Special Offer

A recommended template to encourage repeat sales. Let your personality shine here and make sure that your response is personal. Returning customers are extremely valuable.

2. Delivery Query:

What is the latest order date for Christmas delivery?

Expect large volumes of delivery queries, especially on the week leading up to Christmas. Online sellers should anticipate this query before the customer needs to ask. Include these details on your webstore and in your marketplace listings.

3. Shipping query:

Will my order arrive in time for Christmas?

Prepare this template to speed up response times. With xSellco Fusion, you can set up conditions to ensure that automated templates respond only to queries that include specific words or phrases. We recommend that eCommerce businesses only say ‘Happy Christmas’ in response to customers who have mentioned that they celebrate the holiday. For most queries, the holiday etiquette is to greet customers with ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’. Don’t assume that your customer celebrates Christmas as it may alienate them , or make them feel that you don’t care. This template will be essential in your preparation for a high volume of queries.

4. Automated out of office:

Holiday office hours

If you or your team are going to be absent over the holidays, including the weekends, it is important that you inform your customers when they are likely to hear a response from your company. When customers receive no response, they are likely to leave negative feedback. When consumers know when to expect a response it will help to remove doubts and frustrations about the company.

5. Product:

How do I use my product?

Product queries are the most common queries, taking up almost one third of all your customer interactions. Prepare these templates in advance, and help your customers to resolve their issues independently. You can include product information, user guides and videos on your webstore and marketplace in order to anticipate the needs of your customer.

Template Tip:

Make sure that your message gets there

When sending attachments in your responses, eBay will only take image files, so ensure that you have an image version of your file, or that you copy the instructions into the message body. Amazon will send pdfs and image files. xSellco Fusion can help you to tailor response conditions for each marketplace and webstore, to ensure that the customer receives the correct template to suit the requirements of the marketplace channel.

Make templates a part of your workflow all year round and keep growing your business with fast, personalized responses.

We hope that our gift of five free customer support templates helps you to provide the best customer support experience during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the Team at xSellco!

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