14 step seller checklist for black friday

14-Step seller checklist for Black Friday

It’s holiday season, and the peak selling time kicks off with the Black Friday weekend starting 25th November 2016. At this time of year, every seller has a list so long that they don’t know where to start. To help with Black Friday preparations, we have created a simple 14-step seller checklist to help online sellers tick their way to a successful Black Friday.

The seller checklist for Black Friday

1. Act Now

Tell your customers and visitors about your upcoming sale. They will be researching deals early. Make them aware of the special discounts you have on offer.

2. Plan ahead

Analyze your products and consider which products you want to put on sale, the stock you want to shift, and products you think will drive future purchases. Schedule your repricing strategy in advance to target competitors at peak sales times.

3. Analyze shopping trends

Use insights from previous Black Friday sales – both from your own experience and from expert research that can help to predict the busiest sales times and best-selling products.

4. Schedule your team

Predict the busiest times for your customer support team with expert insights and schedule your resources around these times.

5. Prepare your webstore

Get ready for a surge in traffic. A website crash at holiday season has the potential to lose sales and customers. Test your webstore’s server load capacity with tools like LoadImpact.com or Blitz.io

6. Communicate with vendors

Prepare suppliers for an increased demand in orders, especially if you are a Seller-Fulfillment merchant. Make sure that you have adequate stock levels for high demands.

7. Dress up your site

Decorate your site and social streams with holiday imagery and seasonal banners. Bring some cheer to your customers’ experience. Tools like cava.com offer free templates that can be easily designed.

Download the full seller checklist for Black Friday and share it with your team to ensure that your business is Black Friday ready.

Jobs to be done to prepare for Black Friday:

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