XSellco users your prices are safe with us!


Good morning xSellco members! Over the weekend you may have heard the unfortunate news that a few Repricer Express customers had their stock reduced to 1p per item. This has understandably caused a lot of grief for the retailers affected, especially at this busy time of year. This is the stuff of nightmares so we’d like to reassure you as to why this won’t happen in xSellco software.

We have a minimum of 8 checks that occur before any repricing event takes place, if even one of these criteria is not met, the Repricer will not operate. xSellco software has been designed with profitability at the forefront of how the software performs; this is prevent sellers from selling at a loss, ever. This is why the software cannot start repricing a product until the minimum and maximum prices have been entered and approved by the seller.

This is best represented by a ball in a room; your max price is the ceiling and your minimum price is the floor. The ball (representing the price) can only bounce within the floor and ceiling price.

With Ultimate Repricer – you must enter your unit costs. This is not just for profitability analytics – it is so the Repricer never lets you sell at a loss. And if you accidentally enter a negative unit cost? Don’t worry, we have prompts to alert you and make sure that it cannot happen.

As you know, xSellco does not receive a commission or percentage of the products sold through the software, the same amount is received monthly. This means that the amount of products that you sell has no influence on the way the system is run – we would rather not reprice for you at all than sell your products at a loss, because we are not profiting from your sales.

We want you to have a stress-free and successful Christmas online so if you have any questions or concerns please call Josie on UK: 020 3322 4848, IRE: 01676 0777, USA: +1 917-688-2333.


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