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[Webinar] Win new customers with Amazon Sponsored Products

Grow your business with Amazon Sponsored Products

In this webinar CPC Strategy’s Manager of Marketplace Channels, David Cooley, joins xSellco eCommerce Specialist Aideen Kerr, to provide detailed insights on how to use Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon’s pay per click platform, as a tool for long-term business growth.

2016 was a year full of change for Amazon sellers; from the banning of incentivized reviews, to an increase in backend search term keywords for sellers using Amazon Sponsored Products.

The Amazon environment is more competitive than ever, and sellers need to know how to get their products in front of new customers. Amazon Sponsored Products can boost your sales substantially by placing product listings in front of a fresh and highly targeted audience.

Sellers place bids on highly relevant product keywords, and when a bid wins the product listing is displayed to consumers who have searched Amazon using that keyword. The search term process means that a particularly relevant audience is targeted based on their product search, and product listings will experience increased visibility on Amazon search results.

In this webinar, David Cooley shares his strategies for success on Amazon Sponsored Products. Some of the topics he covers include:

  • Advanced Sponsored Products campaign structures
  • Keyword harvesting and the Search Term report
  • Advanced manual campaigns and bidding strategy
  • Refined product targeting with negative keywords
  • ROI Vs. Rank Driven Campaigns