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Amazon Seller Tools: Essential Amazon Software for 2020

Ecommerce in 2020 is a fiercely competitive environment, so make sure you’re using the best Amazon seller tools to help give your business a competitive advantage.

Amazon seller tools can help you at every stage of your customer life cycle. From sourcing products, to winning the Buy Box and providing first-class customer service, they will make your life easier and help you to focus on building your business. Take a look at our top nine Amazon seller tools for 2020 below. 

1. Win the Buy Box more often with an Amazon repricer

Winning the Buy Box is arguably the most important thing you need to do as an Amazon seller, with over 82% of all transactions on the site taking place here. Price is an important factor (along with seller performance, order defect rate, fulfillment type and more) that Amazon uses to decide who wins this coveted position.

Amazon repricing software will help you to automatically set your products at the optimal prices to win the Buy Box. Top quality software, like by xSellco, has repricer features which ensure that you only sell within your target profit margin. It can also price upwards when the competitive environment allows, meaning you make as much profit as possible.

Multichannel pricing

2. Provide excellent customer service with eCommerce helpdesk software

As an Amazon seller, it’s vital to maintain an excellent – if not flawless – customer service record. If you’re selling using FBM, you’ll be competing with Amazon’s own order fulfillment process, so it’s imperative to  maintain a healthy track record. This shows potential customers (and Amazon – remember that all-important Buy Box space) that you’re reliable and trustworthy.

Amazon stipulates that you should respond to customer queries within 24 hours, sooner if possible. Failing to meet this requirement, even on weekends and during holiday periods, will result in a late response mark. This will have a negative impact on your Amazon metrics and should be avoided at all costs.

If you find staying on top of customer contact stressful and time-consuming, helpdesk software will allow you to seamlessly manage this from one dedicated mailbox.

eDesk gives you instant access to order and customer data, so you don’t have to sift through high volumes of information to find necessary details. eDesk also has the capability to automatically route tickets to specialist members of your team, sending the customer directly to the most experienced member of staff for their particular concern. This makes efficient team management second nature.

eDesk eCommerce helpdesk

3. Get more 5 Star reviews with Feedback software

To make a buying decision on Amazon, the majority of buyers will look at reviews from previous customers. Positive reviews are ultra- important, providing a rundown of a seller’s past performance and giving an indication of their reliability. Generating positive feedback on Amazon in large volumes will also help you win the all-important Buy Box.

Feedback software allows you to get more reviews on Amazon by sending automated requests and reminders to buyers at predetermined intervals on your behalf, rather than these being issued manually – a task that’s easy to overlook when you’re pushed for time. They can be one of the most beneficial Amazon seller tools you can get your hands on!

Feedback software can also be integrated with your social media accounts along with your own eCommerce website, allowing you to keep track of customer feedback using one simple, easy to use dashboard that fully automates the process from start to finish.

Online customer service
Providing excellent customer service helps you to win positive ratings which helps convert new customers and contributes to Buy Box performance.

4. Find quick selling items with Amazon product research tools

Amazon product research tools give you the confidence to launch your first product on Amazon or to add new products to your existing range. Choosing the right products to sell can make the difference between success and failure for Amazon sellers, especially when using the dropshipping fulfillment method

Good quality Amazon product research tools have a number of purposes beyond merely finding new products to sell. They also help you decide on the best images to use, and how to price them competitively. For a great example of a top-quality Amazon product research tool, try Niche Finder

5. Measure and improve your performance with Amazon analytics/sales volume software

Amazon analytics software empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions about your product portfolio and marketing activities.

Amazon analytics seller tools such as Datahawk help you understand and interpret the data provided by Amazon, bringing this together in one place in real time. This type of software enables you to monitor sales volume and show profit margins after all costs are deducted.

Amazon shopper
Amazon analytics tools help you to assess and optimize the performance of your listings.

6. Get new customers by leveraging referrals and affiliates

Referrals are a great way to increase your profit without spending a huge amount up front on advertising costs. It pays to engage with related businesses and strike up a partnership.

In addition to attracting referrals from partners, make sure you’re utilizing affiliate marketing. Enabling affiliates to promote your products and only paying when you make a sale protects you from wasted marketing spend. For software that enables this highly effective sales strategy, check out Omnistar.

7. Stay on top of your stock with inventory management software

Accurately monitor your products throughout their sales cycle by using Inventory management software. This vital Amazon seller tool helps you to speed up your sales processes and avoid running out of stock. This means you won’t be disappointing potential customers and decreasing your chance of winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Check out inventory management software provider Linnworks to build a complete database of your inventory. It will help you to vastly improve service delivery along with giving you full stock visibility at all times.

Amazon seller tools: Inventory management software
Inventory management software is a vital tool for Amazon sellers.

8. Find out how much Amazon fulfillment will cost with an FBA Calculator

An FBA calculator will provide your fulfillment costs for items that you sell under Amazon’s FBA program. This allows you to compare your own fulfillment and Amazon’s pricing to take care of it for you. This is handy if you’re getting started on Amazon or considering moving towards an FBA model.

9. Spy on your competitors’ keywords with a Reverse ASIN Lookup tool

Reverse ASIN lookup is a handy Amazon seller tool that can help you to keep an eye on what keywords your competitors are using and how much search volume they’re getting. Keyword Inspector is a great reverse ASIN lookup tool that will help you decide which keywords to target in your listings. 

Amazon seller tools: ASIN Number lookup
The ASIN number look up is a handy Amazon seller tool that can help with competitor research.


These programs also include listing builders that will incorporate your chosen keywords into existing product listings. This will teach you how to structure your listings and back-end keywords in the most effective way.

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