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Simple, connected e‑commerce help desk

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A help desk that’s purpose-built for online sellers

Live connections to the channels you sell on makes supporting transactions simpler

eDesk consolidates your customer queries from sales channels, social and email into a central shared dashboard. Then we give you the tools and corresponding order data you need to speedily turn around issues, so you can get back to selling!

We don’t just manage the tickets, we help you get to the answers without recourse to other systems.

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Work as a team, wherever you are

Share tickets, allocate to the expert

eDesk makes it easy for teams. Spread the load equally, or assign specific product or order queries automatically to those best suited to solving certain issues. It’s all about getting the right answer in the shortest time.

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Fast, personal responses

Your customers are demanding, so we make supporting them easier

With order, product and delivery data to hand, use snippets and pre-built templates to send fast, personalized replies in just two clicks.

Our AI system will suggest the correct template for you to respond with and allow you to respond with one click.

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Measure performance to ensure you meet your customers’ expectations and save you time

eDesk analyzes trends in your customer support queries, so you can focus on areas that need improvement. View ticket volume by store, language, query type and create templates to help speed up these responses. Track key metrics like response times and message volume to make informed decisions.

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Connect with international customers

Expand to new markets with auto-translate

You can sell to a wider audience when you have the power to support customers in every language. eDesk opens up opportunities for businesses of all sizes to sell more on international markets without needing a multilingual support team.

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All of your e‑commerce customer support - All in one place!

xSellco is the e‑commerce helpdesk that centralizes customer support queries from your webstore, marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Newegg and Allegro, and your social channels into one simple dashboard.

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help desk software ecommerce integrations

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