Provide five star support in a fraction of the time

Seize the shopportunity in this unprecedented Q4 with the world’s #1 eCommerce help desk. eDesk's integrations and AI powered features enable you to support faster and sell more.

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Cut support times while keeping it personal

Centralized dashboard

Manage customer support from all your sales channels with one intuitive dashboard. Never alt-tab between sales channels again. Bring everything you need into a single mailbox that you already know how to use.

Full order details

View full order details within every support ticket, by linking eCommerce management platforms such as Channel Advisor, Linnworks, BrightPearl and Skubana to your eDesk account.

One-click A.I. responses

Send personalized responses to common customer queries in a single click. eDesk's artificial intelligence analyses customer queries and presents you a ready-made response so that you can reply in seconds.

Templates & Snippets

Respond to common customer queries in two clicks using eDesk’s customizable message templates. Snippets speed up your responses by automating key details, such as customer name, order details, delivery address and more.

One-click invoicing

We recognize that up to 5% of incoming queries relate to requests for an invoice relating to an order. Sourcing a copy from a finance system and attaching to a reply can be extremely tedious. So, we built a one-click invoice attachment which builds a copy invoice which usually fits the bill.


Configure eDesk to reply to all tickets whilst the support desk is unmanned. Or use it to reply to tickets regarding specific products or issues for a period of time.


Open your store to new customers internationally. eDesk helps you scale your business without the need for multilingual agents, by giving your team the ability to communicate in every language.


View full order details within every support ticket, by linking e‑commerce management platforms such as Channel Advisor, Linnworks, BrightPearl and Skubana to your eDesk account.

icon collaborate white Team up on support

Support better with a collaborative workflow

customer service software assign tickets

Assign tickets

Assign the relevant agent to each query, share the workload and help your customer support team to shine.

customer service software internal notes

Internal notes

Tag teammates to request help on any ticket. Share information with your team about a customer and the status of their query.

customer service software add users

Multiple users

Add your teammates with just one click! Your entire company can collaborate to resolve customer queries quickly and accurately.

icon organize Automate workflows, save time

Everything you need to keep your team and tickets organized

Folders & Filters

xSellco’s folder based system helps you prioritize and filter your messages by order, query type, language and more.

Labels & Rules

Categorize your incoming messages with labels, so you can quickly identify common support issues. Set rules that automatically apply a label and assign agents or queries to the relevant folders.

Targeted response times

Meet customer expectations for fast resolution times. Set your own target response times, or maintain the standard marketplace Service Level Agreement of 24 hours. Your inbox will prioritize your messages by time left to respond.

Collision detection

Receive an alert if your teammate is dealing with the same customer query.

User permissions

Inboxes, folders and reports can be restricted to specific users.


Remove the need for agents to log in to your stores to manage support. Control the level of information that is accessible to your team with one dashboard.

icon chart white Make smarter decisions

Grow faster with instant insights

customer support software peak times

Peak support times

Schedule and prepare your team to handle the busiest times that your store experiences each week.

customer support software response reports

Response times

Analyze response time metrics by query type, agent and sales channel. Identify trends and recognize opportunities to improve team productivity.

customer support software performance reports

Team performance

Improve team performance each week by tracking key metrics like response times and message volume per store, language, query type and more.

customer support software ticket reports

Ticket volume

Recognize trends in your customer support queries. View ticket volume by store, language, query type and create templates to help speed up responses.

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We wouldn’t have as strong a business today without xSellco. Huge brands like Nike, Under Armour and Converse, have the confidence that we can represent their brand well.
xSellco has been one of the most transformative customer service decisions we’ve made as a company and the support has been absolutely fantastic since day one and ongoing.
We’d definitely recommend eDesk. It gives you a centralized view of every aspect of the team performance and allows you to plan and prepare for peak seasons.
xSellco helps our customer support team respond to every message in seconds making us more efficient.

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