Stay on top of your business performance

Download the free xSellco mobile app to keep an eye on your sales and support from wherever you are.

Mobile sales report

Get a full view of how your business is performing across all your channels with our free mobile sales and performance report.

Deal with support

xSellco customers can use the mobile app to read and reply directly to customers, meaning you can deal with issues on the go.

Simple interface

Fly through queries or reports using our simple mobile interface, making it even easier to run your business wherever you may be.


Know your numbers

Any marketplace seller can download the app to sign up for our free sales reports. With daily and monthly reports directly on your phone, you can now ensure you know exactly how your business is performing from anywhere in the world. Keep track of which channels are performing with a full breakdown of sales by marketplace.

All the power of xSellco, on your phone

Get all your channel messages straight to your phone. All the information and functionality you usually get, just in an intuitive, quick response mobile app. Reply, translate and use templates just like you would online.

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