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customer support questions

Customer service software

All your customer interactions,
all in one place

Providing support across multiple channels can be tedious. Hours are wasted each day hopping from tab to tab just to stay on top of pre-sale and post-sale issues.

eDesk gathers customer interactions from your website, all your marketplaces and social channels into one place. They appear together in a simple dashboard that you can learn to use in a few minutes.

customer support questions
Order details and tickets together

Connected to the data you need to help you resolve the issues

eDesk does more than just manage your tickets - it helps you solve them.

Live connections to customer and order data from your webstore and from all marketplaces means your agents have real-time access to the product listing, shipping data, price and other information agents need.

Instead of wasting time looking for information across multiple systems, they can set about solving the problem right away.

customer support questions
Automated A.I. replies

Get the answer right first time with Artificial Intelligence and more

eDesk’s A.I. does the heavy lifting for agents by suggesting multiple answers based on analysis of the message’s text and previous responses provided by teammates to similar issues. Rather than searching through data and typing responses, agents can verify the suggested response, edit it if necessary, and simply click send.

If A.I. doesn’t have the answer, agents can cut response times by using stock answers, snippets, or template replies.

customer support questions
Simple and easy to use

An intuitive conversational interface

Messages from customers who have been in contact before are automatically joined to previous conversations, creating a single, easy-to-follow thread. Agents get the complete picture of the issue quickly.

The simplicity of the interface belies the connectivity and computational power under the hood. Your team will be up and running in minutes.

Get the most from your team

Got experts in certain areas? Product specialists? Language specialists?

Optimize your team's workflows by routing tickets to those best suited to answering them.
Automatically assign tickets based on out-of-the-box conditions such as
marketplace, language proficiency, and time-zone, or create your own rules for your specific needs.

Tickets get solved quicker and customers are happier!

A little help from a friend?

Teammates often need to collaborate to solve complex issues.

Need to add a private
note for a colleague?

No problem.

Invite a friend
to comment?


Escalate a ticket
to another department?

Just @mention.

Meet and beat marketplace SLAs, or set your own

Keeping up with strict marketplace Service Level Agreements (SLA) is supremely important.
Missing these can affect how well your products are listed, hurting sales or worse
still can result in your account being suspended altogether.

beat the amazon competition

eDesk measures and constantly updates the status of each issue relative to the appropriate SLA, ensuring your team doesn’t fall behind and your ratings remain high.

beat the amazon competition

Using automated out-of-office auto responders can also be helpful to reset marketplace service level agreements.

Turn Pre-Sale queries into confirmed orders

pre-sale queries

When a customer asks "Does this come in blue?" or "Have you got this in a Medium?", it's
vital to reply quickly to increase your chances of making the sale. eDesk identifies such
'pre-sales queries' and adds them to their own section within your mailbox so that
agents can prioritise them and close sales.


Comprehensive team analytics

A thorough range of dashboards and reports allow team leaders and managers to analyse operations.

Spot your support superstars, see when to schedule cover for busiest times, review overall marketplace SLA coverage to make sure your business performs at its’ best.

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Your business in your pocket

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xSellco has been one of the most transformative customer service decisions we’ve made as a company and the support has been absolutely fantastic since day one and ongoing.
We’d definitely recommend eDesk. It gives you a centralized view of every aspect of the team performance and allows you to plan and prepare for peak seasons.
We love xSellco because it saves us so much time. We have reduced average customer response times by 84%.
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