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Intercultural Elements

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With over 10,000 expansion projects accomplished since 2007, ICE has the experience and know-how to guide e‑commerce growth and international expansion. Founded in 2007, InterCultural Elements (ICE for short) is an e‑commerce service provider based in Leipzig, Germany. We have extensive cross border trade experience, and our services and tools help businesses, expand their online reach, and increase their sales.


Our team of experienced account managers and translators work with companies to: create astrategy adapted to individual needs through an initial consultation, market research, andcompetitive analysis; implement the expansion by localising and translating existing and futurelistings; and ensure the success of this development with additional supporting services such ascustomer service, global returns, and exchange rate optimisation, to satisfy both marketplacerequirements and customers. We offer everything from individual services to fully managed care, alldepending on specific expansion needs.

  • Create individual strategy for international expansion
  • Provide guidance on marketplaces & practices for international e‑commerce
  • Pro-actively search for/provide advice on new countries & marketplaces suitable for expansion
  • Advise on optimising accounts & items to maximise sales revenue
  • Maintain and improve accounts after initial expansion to ensure success

Avenue 85 has expanded into Germany, Australia, France and the USA on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, & Pixmania with ICE. From experience, it’s not worth the time & effort doing it yourself. ICE gets it done quickly and correctly for you – all you do is sell.

James McIlvenny – Marketing Director of Avenue 85

ICE have consistently met our expectations and always provided an excellent, thorough service. I think the fact that we asked if we could recommend them ourselves speaks volumes itself.


The quality of the data and professionalism of the work ICE have completed for me is exemplary and I could not be happier with the results.