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Target positive feedback with smart selective requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more.

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xSellco feedback drives customer reviews to anywhere you want them.
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More stars means more sales

More stars means more sales

  • 95% of shoppers will read reviews of your business and product before deciding to purchase from you.
  • The quality and quantity of your reviews directly impact the shopper's purchasing decision.
  • Having more high quality reviews in more places allows you to outsell your competitors at higher prices.

Collect more high quality reviews, drive more revenue

Use smart connected software to automatically turn every happy customer
into a cheerleader for your brand

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Target reviews from happy customers only

Create simple targeting rules to ensure that you only target your happy customers with review requests via email. Base rules on factors, such as on-time delivery, previous positive reviews, product purchased and more.

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Customize and personalize review requests

Use proven email templates and insert your logos and product images, or create your own emails tailored to your brand. Personalize emails with smart dynamic placeholders for customer name, product name and more.

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Build your brand across the internet

xSellco Feedback connects seamlessly with everywhere you sell, so you can increase your Amazon Feedback and broader online reputation from a single place and drive reviews to any platform you want.

Create and automate your review strategy in minutes
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Connect any sales channel

Connect the webstore and marketplaces you sell on

Create rules

Use smart rules based on customer experience to target happy customers only

Create your email review requests

Choose from our templates or create customized review requests

Choose your review platform

Direct customers to the review platform on which you want them to review your business and products

Set it on auto-pilot

Sit back and see the reviews flood in

Join over 2200 retailers who count on xSellco to improve their ratings and sell more
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"My seller rating has improved dramatically…"

I sell on a few different Amazon and eBay platforms - generating positive reviews is so important to my business but it can be challenging. Once I found XSellco Feedback though this process become much easier. My Seller Rating has improved dramatically since I started using XSellco, I’m never looking back.

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"Their customer service team is amazing…"

xSellco Feedback allows us to automate a VERY tedious process. It has also significantly enhanced our feedback quantity and quality, as obtaining reviews is part logical and part human. Their customer service team is amazing at setting these email sequences up and offers great insight into how to improve your ratings. And it works!

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"Now I know which customers I need to target…"

I love this software because now I know which customers I need to target to get positive feedback. Before XSellco Feedback I didn’t have a clue how to get positive feedback - I was reaching out blindly to all my customers for reviews no matter what their experience was. Now I’m getting 100% positive feedback!

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Trusted by thousands of online retailers, big and small

Using xSellco, we have increased our feedback across Amazon and eBay to over 400 positive reviews per month, maintaining a 99% positive seller rating.
Abbey Render
Assistant Manager
Indigo Herbs
We’ve been hitting 100% positive feedback since we started using xSellco. Our Amazon feedback is now at 100% which was previously unheard of for us.
Gareth Halford
Managing Director
North Laine Accessories

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