Overcoming the 7 biggest challenges in eCommerce customer support

xSellco CEO and founder Ray Nolan hosts a practical, no-filler discussion tackling the biggest customer support issues facing customers right now. Join us to learn about strategies to improve your response times, handle queries across multiple marketplaces and more.

Do you ever wish you could just focus on what you do best; selling?

As an online seller, it can feel at times like you’re spinning a lot of plates. Between product-sourcing, fulfillment and all the other thousands of jobs there are to worry about, it pays to have each facet of your business optimized for success.

One of the most difficult aspects to keep a steady handle on is customer service. It seems like every year the challenge gets more difficult, as customers’ expectations rise and marketplace SLAs get tougher to meet.

Plus, as your revenue grows so too does the number of tickets you have coming in across each of your marketplaces and channels. It’s a good complaint, yes, but it does make the job of maintaining the level of customer support you ideally want that bit more difficult.

E-commerce businesses thrive or perish with the quality of their customer support. It can be the difference maker when it comes to conversions (with customers checking your feedback scores and reviews before purchasing) and it often determines whether or not a customer will come back to you in the future. In many ways it’s more important than pricing.

Providing high-quality customer support isn’t easy however. Modern consumers are incredibly demanding, expecting almost round-the-clock availability from sellers.Not only that, but the demands of the job leads to a high staff turnover rate, which is yet another headache.

But you shouldn’t despair just yet!

We’ve talked to a lot of online sellers over the years. We’ve listened to their concerns and their frustrations. Together, we’ve identified the biggest challenges they face when it comes to customer support.

Watch this webinar for a practical, 30 minute, no-filler discussion covering topics like;

  • Improving your response times and beat the SLAs
  • Handling queries across a multitude of marketplaces, web stores and channels
  • Getting better feedback and more of it
  • Improving your communication with international customers
  • Managing and setting realistic customer expectations during key stages in their journey

We want to help you resolve these issues and optimize your strategy so that you can get back to doing what you do best: selling!