Weird and wonderful listings on eBay

You can find anything and everything on eBay and since it’s Friday Fun-Day, I’ve compiled a list of the most weird and wonderful (and mundane) posts I could find currently on the site! Strangely enough, none of them came from the “Weird” category but some of them had an unexpectedly high number of watchers. So be quick – you could still make it in time to bid!

You get some weird stuff on eBay. Like mummified chicken claws.

And poor Herman!

…But at least he isn’t a shoulder bag!

Maybe Mittens got Herman, he looks predatory.

Or Mini-Mittens. He’s a scary beast.

But not as scary as Mr Clappy, the haunted toy clown…

Or his Mrs, Tina.

You should see how he got to date her:

You should see what happened to poor Charlotte though…

…Someone got her with a Voodoo hex…

My theory? It was whoever used this:

Only Sage Holy Water can protect from those guys!

Yetti DNA has also been found to help repel the occult.

I carry mine in this.

All this evil is making me hungry.

But not for this…

Now I’m fed I can start my crafts. I make math genius charms. Cos I’m a genius.

When I’m not crafting with loo rolls…

Or pinecones. BUT only if they’re GENUINE CROATIAN pinecones.

I don’t waste my money…

Like I said, I’m a clever chap!