XSellco’s new Repricer Dashboard – A User Guide

Your new Repricer Dashboard – What it does and how to use it.


What does the dashboard do?

It gives you an overview of all your repricing events, Buy Box activity, best sellers and most profitable SKUs. These tools allow you to easily track the performance of your repricer, see how many SKUs have won the BuyBox and track your profitability.


Where is it located?

On the first page after you login, under the XSellco logo.


What will I see on the new dashboard?

  1. Current Repricer Status
  2. Repricing Events
  3. Buy Box Possession
  4. Best Sellers
  5. Profitability Trend


So, how do I use it?

Current Repricer Status – At the top you’ll see a snapshot of your current repricing activity, it shows the SKUs that you’ve set rules and prices for and those that need attention.

The BuyBox Predictor instantly shows how many of your SKUs are likely to win the BuyBox, based on the rules and prices you have set. The Buy Box Predictor is only available in the Plus and Ultimate packages. If you are on our Basic package, you can upgrade via the Payments tab in Settings.

''XSellco's new Repricer Dashboard'' 

Tip – Low chance of winning the Buy Box? Apply a pricing strategy that focuses on your main competitor.


Repricing Events – Tracks all the changes to your Amazon prices and all your repricing events. Hover over the chart to reveal a tile displaying a breakdown of your repricing activity. The totals of all events in the period are shown below the chart.

''XSellco's new Repricer Dashboard''

To filter Date Range;

– Select the drop down menu using the arrow

– Choose preferred date range

– Use directional arrows to scroll back and forth in the specified date interval

– Alternatively, customize the dates using the format YYYY-MM-DD

– Click to ‘Apply’ changes

Tip 1 – Display hourly information by selecting a single day view.

Tip 2 – To filter variables displayed in the chart click the chart legend.


Buy Box Possession – The green block shows the percentage of SKUs that owned the Buy Box for 100% of that day. SKUs that were in the Buy Box for part of the day are shown in yellow. SKUs that didn’t win the Buy Box at all that day are shown in red.

''XSellco's new Repricer Dashboard''

Best Sellers – Tells you exactly how much profit you are making on each of your most and least profitable products. Shows the total number of sales and total profit of each item and channel on which it is sold.

''XSellco's new Repricer Dashboard''

Tip – Selling too many products at a loss? Review your margins and minimum prices on these products.


Profitability Trend – Shows the total number of products sold and tracks your overall profitability. While sales are important, what counts is the profit you are making on each sale. Use the data to easily identify trends and patterns.

''XSellco's new Repricer Dashboard''Profitability Trend is only available in ‘Ultimate.’


Anything else I need to know?

"'a tool to download your data"

There are a range of print and download options for each chart, accessed using the icon above.