XSellco Swift: A User Guide

XSellco Swift enables Amazon sellers to streamline the order management and shipping process for Prime and non-Prime products on multiple Amazon channels.

The benefits of using XSellco Swift to manage your shipment process include:

  • Receiving quotes for shipping from a network of Amazon Partnered Carriers.
  • Printing all shipping and packaging labels and slips required under Amazon guidelines.
  • Direct communication with Amazon through the Buy Shipping API.
  • Automatic notification of impending order deadlines, allowing you to stay on top of all shipping departures.
  • Automation of specific tasks for shipping by creating unique rules for individual SKUs or approved shipping carriers.

Learn how to use XSellco Swift to manage your orders and shipping for Amazon Prime and non-Prime products in this step-by-step guide.

1. Select an Order

Go to the Shipping tab in the XSellco dashboard.


Here you will find three tabs at the top left of the page:

  • Orders: The list of your Merchant-Fulfilled Network (MFN) Prime and non-Prime orders, orders pending dispatch, orders pending collection and shipped orders.
  • Locations: The locations you’re shipping from. You can define multiple ship-from locations.
  • Package Types: You can define a custom package size for each order here, or create all your package types here.

Select an order from the list to begin creating a new shipment.

2. Create a new Shipment

On the left you can see some useful information including order journey, dispatch deadline, expected arrival and the recipient’s name and location.


To Create a New Shipment, select from the following options:

  • Number of items,
  • Package dimensions – choose a pre-set package type or key in custom package dimensions.
  • Total weight,
  • Shipping from,
  • Pickup by carrier,
  • and Delivery confirmation.

Once you’re happy with your selections, click on Show Shipping Options.

3. Choose from Shipping Options

A  pop-up box will appear, displaying a list of shippers, their delivery times and quotes for this shipment. Choose your preferred shipper.


4. Purchase and Print Shipping Label

Now you’ve purchased the shipping label, your package will list as Pending Shipment.

You can now print the label.

Swift12Success! Your first shipment has now been created.

To learn how to add your printer to XSellco, see our guide on Adding a Printer.

If you have any more questions about how XSellco Swift works, please contact us at support@xsellco.com.

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