XSellco Message Statuses

There are four categories of message status in Fusion:

  1. Assigned
    Messages that have been assigned to you by another user. Internal notes can be used to describe the action required.
  2. Open (made up of unread, and open items)
    Unread items will be prioritised to the top, with a time indicator telling you how much time you have to get back to your customer.
    Open items are where you have replied to a customer, but not closed the issue. In the XSellco dashboard this is then left in the folder requiring immediate attention.
  3. Later
    You have replied to a customer but the issue is not closed.
    This could be because you have promised to come back to the customer with an update, and you have set a date reminder to come back to them. Once the ‘Later date’ arrives, the item will come back into the ‘Needs Action’ group
  4. Closed
    Issues you have replied to and resolved, and are archived in this category


Depending on how you reply to these messages it will go into one of these three groups (see screen shot below):

  • Send Message and leave open
    You reply to the customer, and it stays in the group of items that need action now.
    The ‘Clock’ will no longer count down from 24h, unless the customer emails again in which case it would restart from 24h
  • Send Message and Close
    You reply, and the message is archived in the Closed group
  • Send and remind me Later
    You reply and the items goes in to the ‘Later’ group
    It will come back in to the needs action group when the date arrives that you set, and will count down from 24h again

XSellco Message Statuses (2)