Replying to messages

Use this guide to understand how messages and replies work in XSellco Fusion
See below for the message list view:



Each item will be tagged appropriately by Fusion based on the incoming eBay or Amazon message type.

The classifications include:

  • Returns
  • Cancellations
  • Shipping query
  • Product Query
  • Order Query
  • Dispute Case
  • Other Query

Where you have created an appropriate message template, when you click a message like the one highlighted above and a template matches it defaults to suggesting the appropriate reply as shown below.



In this message you can see the full history of what was ordered, and when it was despatched.  Where a template matches, this is auto-suggested. You can change the template by selecting a new item in the drop-down Template list.

You can add to the message or change the message in the reply window.

If the template matches what you want to say and you are happy, you only have 1 click to reply.

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