Replying to messages

The XSellco ticketing system allows you to keep track of your customer conversations from all your sales channels in one screen. In your messages dashboard, click on any ticket to reply to a customer. You can also create a ticket to contact any customer directly using the Sales tab.
Simply find the message you would like to reply to by scrolling through the messages dashboard, searching for the order number in your search bar, or find a specific group of messages using the advanced filter option. This will allow you to search for orders that have been affected by a certain issue e.g. delivery delay, so that you can contact each customer quickly.

Replying to messages

Scroll to the bottom of the ticket screen and type your message in the Consumer Reply field. If you have created templates, you can type ‘##’ (Two hashtags) to see a list of your templates appear and to insert one into your message. Read our Templates guide to find out how to create your own templates.
Before you send your reply you can decide to leave the ticket open or to close it. To close the ticket click the close switch and once you are happy with your message click Send. To send your reply and leave the message open, be sure the switch is off and then click Send.
Respond with template

Alternatively, you can Snooze the ticket. This means return to it at a time that suits you better. This can be done by clicking on the clock icon at the top of the ticket. You set a date and time for when you would like the ticket to be reopened.
snooze a message

Use the Note button to leave an internal note for all your team to see. This will not be visible to the customer. It is to assist your teammates in responding to a ticket quicker and more informed.
internal note for your team

Above the message there is a button with three dots, when you click on this a few options are presented. If you would like to communicate with Third Parties such as shipping carriers, while keeping all relevant communication within the ticket screen, use the External Message feature found in this dropdown.
External message

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