XSellco High5’s new Dashboard – A User Guide

Your new High5 Dashboard – What it does and how to use it.

What does the dashboard do?

It’s designed to help you track your feedback, manage your reputation and improve your seller rating. It does this by allowing you to instantly see changes to your feedback score. You can track your feedback performance in relation to orders received and messages sent to customers. You can view your most recent positive and negative feedback.

Where is it located?

On the first page after you login, below the XSellco logo.


What will I see on the new dashboard?


  1. Feedback Requests
  2. Feedback
  3. Most Recent Messages


So, how do I use it?


Feedback Requests – The red column shows the orders you have received that day, while the blue column is the number of outgoing messages. The yellow line is the total amount of feedback you have received. Below the chart you can see how much of your feedback is scoring 5-star ratings, all the way down to 1-star. Hover over the chart to reveal a tile displaying specific activity on that day. The data can be customized by time period.

''feedback requests chart''

To filter Date Range;

– Select the drop down menu using the arrow

– Choose preferred date range

– Use directional arrows to scroll back and forth in the specified date interval

– Alternatively, customize the dates using the format YYYY-MM-DD

– Click to ‘Apply’ changes


Tip 1 – Display hourly information by selecting a single day view.

Tip 2 – To filter variables displayed in the chart click the chart legend.


Feedback – Tracks all your positive feedback scores. Gives an instant view of your feedback performance. Below the chart, positive, neutral and negative feedback percentages are displayed. Use it to identify patterns and trends, track performance over time or watch changes as they occur daily.

"xsellco's new high5 dashboard'' 


Messages – Tracks your most recent feedback. You can click to change tabs between your most recent and most recent negative reviews. It’s a way of monitoring your feedback so you can react if necessary.

''xsellco's new high5 dashboard''

Tip 1 – If negative feedback is unjustified, you can request its removal by contacting the buyer or marketplace to resolve the issue.

Tip 2 – If you are using XSellco Fusion use this to respond directly to negative feedback.

Anything else I need to know?

"'a tool to download your data"

There are a range of print and download options for each chart, accessed using the icon above.