Using the Favourites Tab

Adding tickets to the Favourites tab is a great way to mark important tickets and keep them accessible at all times.

1. To add a ticket to Favourites, open the ticket. Click on the star icon in the top left corner, located beside the subject of the message, and the ticket will be moved to the Favourites tab.
Using the favourites tab

2. The Favourites tab can be found in the left side menu. All tickets that you have starred will appear in this tab until you deselect the star.
Messages in Favourites

3. Once you have finished dealing with each query in your Favourites section or it is no longer of great importance, you can remove it from your Favourites by opening the ticket and going back to the star icon in the top left corner and deselecting it. The ticket will then no longer appear in the Favourites tab.

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