Using a form on your website for support questions


Customers prefer to find answers themselves where possible. By directing queries through a form on your website, available information can be presented to them before a question is even asked. A form can also be used to gather  additional support information for your agents.

Designing a form for use by Fusion

Fusion will extract the following information from any incoming email:


XS_name: The buyer’s first and second name. 30 characters*

XS_email: 30 characters*
XS_line_1: Address line 1, 30 characters
XS_line_2: Address line 2, 30 characters
XS_line_3: Address line 2, 30 characters
XS_phone_number: 20 characters
XS_city: 20 characters
XS_county: 20 characters
XS_district: District, 20 characters
XS_state: State, 20 characters
XS_postcode: zip code, 10 characters
XS_country: 10 characters
XS_country code: 2 digit ISO 3166-1 alphabetic code


* Asterisks fields are mandatory. Without these the Fusion reply will go to the sender email address.

All additional message content will be interpreted as the comment from the buyer.

Here is a sample input message and how it appears in Fusion:

Input message:
XS_name:John Doe
XS_phone:      123213111
Custom field:  Abba CD
Where is my order?

Will be shown as:

Custom field:  Abba CD
Where is my order?

and replies are sent to


Note: Form emails will be only be processed if they come from your website domain.

Tip: Labels allow you to classify a message or highlight it for special attention. To pass a label in a form use the following format:
XS_label_type: Damaged goods

In this example the ‘type’ label has have been defined already in Fusion. If that’s the case then a coloured ‘Damaged goods’ label will be shown on this ticket.

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