Creating Rules and Assigning Messages to Agents or Folders

ReplyManager Rules help organise your inbox and assign messages to the correct folder.

A rule is an action that ReplyManager takes automatically on an arriving or sent message that meets the conditions that you specify in the rule. The ‘Usage Conditions’ that you have set, will match the ticket to your selected criteria and will automatically filter messages into the next step of required actions.

Creating a Rule:
1. Click on the Message dashboard from the top navigation bar.
2. Select Rules from the left side menu.
3. Click ‘+ Add rule’ to add a new rule.

4. Name the rule and set it to active.

Setting Message Conditions:

These conditions will match a ticket to your selected criteria. Choose the applicable options for the specific rule you are creating from the dropdown menu. For example a common rule is returns. One can filter messages based on Ticket type; Cancellation, Returns Query and Returns Request and any message with the words return or cancellation in the subject. All messages received relating to returns or cancellations will automatically be assigned to a specific folder because of the conditions set.

Create a message action:

These actions are what will happen when a message meets the conditions you have selected above.
Select the folder you would like the message to be sent to. You can select more than 1 folder if you wish.
If you did select multiple folders, under folder assignation mode choose Apply All so that the message is sent to all the folders. If you would rather the message is sent to one folder from the list above then select ‘Apply one following round robin’.
Under Assign Agents select the agent(s) you would like the message to be assigned to.
If you would like the status of the message to change when it has been assigned select ‘Change status’.
If you want to send one of your auto replies to a message that meets the conditions you have set select ‘Bind an Autoresponder’. If you have not created an auto reply yet you can do so in Templates.
Click ‘Create Rule’ to save.

You have successfully created a rule.

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