How to use ReplyManager’s Report Dashboard

ReplyManager’s new Reports dashboard provides visual performance graphs that reflect your business’s support services. The graphs analyse and report on feedback performance and your company’s compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). The data will help you to make informed decisions on your customer processes, identify areas of success and where there is a need for improvement, and will ensure that your resources are aligned. The graphs can be exported to an image format, or presented in spreadsheet or pdf form to share with your team.

Click the Reports tab on the Main navigation bar.

On the left side menu, you will find the following 4 tabs:

  1. Overview
  2. Tickets
  3. Response Times
  4. Team

View 1: Messages

The Messages data presents a snapshot of the efficiency of your response times. Orange highlights your total incoming messages, and blue your outgoing messages. The green line reveals the number of unresolved tickets. Using mouse hover, the chart will display specific activities at the time you select.

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The chart footer displays the ticket totals for the selected time period, your average response times and the average length of time it takes to resolve an issue.

Filter Date Range

  1. Select the date range to reveal the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose preferred date range.
  3. Use directional arrows on either side of the date range to specify date interval.
  4. Alternatively, type the dates using the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  5. Click ‘Apply’.

Tip 1 – View data hourly by selecting a single day.

Tip 2 – To filter variables displayed in the chart click the chart legend to hide or reveal selected variables.

Tickets By Channel

View the distribution of tickets by channel, and discover insights on ticket quantities by marketplace and query type.


An insight into how your positive feedback scores are trending. Monitor the percentage of your positive, neutral and negative feedback. Filter date range for specific times.


Languages and Labels

This section reveals the breakdown of languages and labels for all your tickets. Languages and labels will inform you of your customers’ most frequently used language and the most common issue, organized by label.

View 2: Tickets Dashboard

Select ‘Tickets’ on the left menu below ‘Messages’ overview for the ticket report screen. This section provides a detailed view of your support ticket activity. The heat map highlights changes to the number of incoming messages, sent messages and active agents. The busiest times for support ticket activity is shown in red. The darker the color, the more activity that took place at that time.


Select the arrow on the dropdown menu below the heat map to view Open and Closed Tickets, Incoming and Sent Messages, Auto Replies, Internal Notes and External Messages.

View your tickets by query type, channel, language and label. 


Tip 1 – Seeing high shipping query volumes? Save yourself time by making reply templates for shipping queries.

Tip 2 – Use Labels to categorize certain types of tickets, for example, VIP, Urgent, etc.


View 3: Response Times Dashboard

The third reports view, helps you manage your response times and stay in line with marketplace SLAs. The columns display your successes and failures to meet SLAs. Breaches are displayed in red on the chart columns. Use this to comply with Amazon and eBay response times.

  • First Response Time is the average time it takes to respond to the first message in a ticket.
  • Average Response Time is the average time it takes to respond to all messages.


Time breakdown tracks your responses within a 24-hour period. SLA breaches, outside 24-hrs are indicated by orange triangles. The numbers track how many tickets have been resolved and the number of messages sent in the filtered time period. Ticket types are broken down by average response times. The progress bar charts the percentage of SLA compliant responses by channel.


Tip – Reply to more that 90% of your messages within 24-hours.


View 4: Team Dashboard

The Team Dashboard reports give you a breakdown of support agent activity. The red column outlines the number of active agents. Below the chart, agents are displayed in order of highest number of responses. When you hover over the columns, they will reveal further specific data.

View the number of messages, internal notes and average handling time per agent.


View 5: Assigned Tickets

Monitor the quantity of tickets assigned to specific agents by overall ticket status.

  • Needs action
  • Awaiting customer
  • On hold


Share your insights with your colleagues



To view the print and download options for each chart, select the icon on the image left.




Got some questions about ReplyManager’s new reports? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Get in touch with us at

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