How to use the ReplyManager Message Dashboard

ReplyManager integrates with your marketplace channels and mail server so that you can respond faster and more efficiently from within one intuitive user interface.

Getting to know your Message Dashboard interface

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Click on the ‘Messages’ tab on the top navigation bar.

The Message Dashboard view opens on ‘Folder’ type, with your open tickets prioritized at the top of the page.  You will notice that the ‘Folders’ tab is selected on the left side menu. Navigate to messages by folder type in this view.


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To filter your messages by status, select one of the six options below ‘Folders’

  1. My Tickets

Open messages that have been assigned to you. Internal notes can be used to describe the action required.

2. Needs action

Messages that require a follow-up action. The countdown timer on the far right of each individual ticket informs you of the remaining time you have to reply to your customer to satisfy SLA guidelines.


3. Awaiting customer

Messages that are awaiting a response from the customer to proceed further.

4. On hold

Tickets that are scheduled for reply later, or that require input from a third party.

5. Recently updated

Includes any tickets that have been recently updated by other agents.

6. Resolved

Issues that have been responded to and resolved are archived in this category.

The Countdown Timer

With the addition of a Message Countdown timer, you and your team can consistently respond within SLA guidelines and consequently improve your positive feedback.

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  1. Navigate further down the left side menu and select ‘All tickets’.  Here you will find every ticket in your inbox.
  2. Below ‘All tickets’ you can select any folder group that you have created in the system.  See Folders user guide to learn how to add and edit folders.
  3. Select a folder and you can view all tickets that have been categorized within that folder group.
  4. Folder Groups with a ‘+’ contain more in-depth categorization. Selecting the ‘+’ will reveal the folders that you have associated with your selected ticket.  Learn how to create Folders.

Create a Ticket

  1. Select the ‘Create a Ticket’ button at the top right.
  2. Select the marketplace channel from the dropdown menu
  3. Enter customer’s email address
  4. Select ‘Add new Ticket’
  5. See ‘Responding to Messages’ below to follow the remaining steps to send a ticket.

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Responding to Messages

This section explains how you reply to incoming messages.

Each item will be tagged appropriately by ReplyManager based on the incoming marketplace message type.

Classifications types include some of the following queries:

  • Returns
  • Cancellations
  • Shipping
  • Product
  • Order
  • Dispute Case
  • and more

Step 1

  1. Select a Ticket.
  2. Within each message ticket, you can see the full history of correspondence with your customer; what was ordered, and when it was despatched and any interactions in-between.
  3. Scroll down to enter details for a response.
  4. Where you have created an appropriate message template, choose the message from the ‘Templates’ dropdown. See how to create a template.
  5. Where there is an appropriate template, ReplyManager will auto-suggest the quick response. You can change the template by selecting a new item from the dropdown template list.
  6. The message can be edited by writing the message in the reply window, or body text.
  7. If the template you have selected sufficiently covers your response, there is just one click to send the reply.

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Step 2

Depending on how you reply to the message, it will go into one of these four groups:

Send Message and Close

You reply, and the message is archived in the ‘Closed’ group. If this ticket is re-opened at a later date, your conversation history is saved for reference and customer personalisation.

Send Message and Leave Open

You reply to the customer, and it stays in the group of items that need action now.

The ‘Clock’ will no longer count down from 24h, unless the customer emails again in which case it would restart from 24h.

Close Ticket

Select this option if the ticket does not require a response and you wish to archive the message.  Messages will not be deleted, but set to archive so that you will always have a reference of customer correspondence.

Remind me Later

For issues that you may need third party assistance to resolve, you can select ‘Remind me later’ and schedule a time that you intend to reply. Items are filtered in the ‘On hold’ folder group.

The ticket will return to ‘Needs action’ folder when the date arrives that you set, and will count down from 24h again.  Agents can bookmark tickets by selecting the star for personal reminders.

Respond to Message

Escalate a Ticket

  1. Click the ‘Folder’ dropdown from the right side menu bar
  2. Select the designated folder to change the status of the ticket, by message urgency, marketplace and more. See Folder user guide.

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Assign to another user

  1. Select a Message from the Messages homepage
  2. Select the user dropdown menu from the top navigation bar.

The message will appear in the assigned user agent’s inbox when they log into ReplyManager.

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Bulk Actions

Bulk Assign to Agents

  1. Open the tickets folder to which you want to bulk assign an agent, or agents.
  2. Tick the box in the top left of the screen above your tickets.
  3. All selected tickets can be assigned to agents by clicking the ‘Assign’ dropdown.
  4. Select the agent(s) you want to manage the ticket.


Bulk Assign to Folders

  1. From within a selected folder of tickets, tick the box in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the ‘Actions’ dropdown.  Here you can bulk assign tickets to folders, set custom fields and mark all selected tickets as open or closed.


Bulk Assign Notes

  1. From within a selected folder of tickets, tick the box in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Add Note’.
  3. This message will be assigned to all selected tickets.

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