Creating Auto Responses and Reminders

Auto Responses are the key to making sure no query ever goes unanswered.

ReplyManager’s autoresponder and time delay feature suggest to the customer that it is a human response. For Amazon sellers, this time delay feature stops Amazon from detecting auto responses and helps you maintain perfect metrics even when you’re not at your desk.

Setting up Auto Responses:
1. From the top navigation bar go to the Messages tab.
2. Select ‘Templates’ from the left side menu.
3. Click the ‘+Add Message Template’ button on the top right hand side.
auto response (1)

4. Give your message template a name and from the ‘Available to use with’ dropdown select ‘Auto-replies only’. To enable the use of the template be sure to make the template active.
auto response 2

5. Choose your preferred language for the template, include a subject line and type your message. You can use smart tags here to personalise the message with the customer’s name and give the auto reply even more of a human feel to it.

6. Scroll down to Auto Responder options. Here you can choose how much of a delay you would like to apply to the auto response. It is this delay that suggests to the customer that the message was written by a human rather than a messaging bot.

7. The next option is recurring date and times options. This is where you select specific dates and times for your auto response to be put to use, for example weekends.
auto response 3

8. To have your auto response triggered on specific days such as holidays you must set One-off date and time constraints. You simply enter the dates that you will be out of the office and your auto response will be triggered to be sent during this time frame.
auto response 4

9. When you have gone through the settings and are happy with your auto response select ‘Create Channel Message Template’. Your auto-responses can be edited anytime in the templates section, found in the left side menu.


Setting a Reminder:

You can close a ticket and set a reminder to reopen the ticket on a certain date. To do this simply click ‘Remind me later’ and choose when you would like to have the ticket reopened.

Any message where you have selected remind me later will remain in the Later tab until dealt with. Messages will go into the Open tab when they have been reopened.

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