Reducing System Messages in ReplyManager

What are system messages? System messages are automatic emails you receive, in this case from Amazon and eBay.

ReplyManager once configured correctly will show all of your system messages from both Amazon and eBay. It is possible however to disable many of these notifications.

Reducing Amazon System Messages:
To reduce Amazon system messages you must edit some settings within your Seller Central account. You can redirect these messages to your own email address by going to Seller Central > Settings > Notification Preferences.
amazon settings
Note: Pending Returns Reminder and Claims Notification need to use the assigned ReplyManager email address for the channel.

Reducing eBay System Messages:
When your eBay account has been set up with ReplyManager, the default settings within eBay are to send all system messages to ReplyManager. You can however disable some of these within your eBay account settings by going to Account > Communication Preferences.
ebay settings
It is recommended to leave Member and Resolution Centre communications enabled.

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